YouTube has billions of users worldwide. We’re sure you are one among them! Apart from offering entertainment and information, YouTube also serves as a revenue-generating platform. “How to earn money with YouTube?” is a question running in the minds of many. Have you wondered how successful YouTubers make millions through YouTube?

How to earn money with YouTube?

If you didn’t know, there are numerous ways to earn profits on YouTube. ‘Ad views’ is the most popular way to earn money, but that is not the only way. In this article, we will discuss all possible ways to make money on YouTube.

How to earn money with YouTube?

  1. Ad views

YouTube pays you for every 1000 ad views. The amount may vary from one YouTuber to another. To earn money through ad views, your video should have a good number of views and quality content. Quality content will attract a large number of audiences. When the video views increase, the ad views also increase. When the ad views increase, the amount you earn will rise.

  1. Sponsored content

Another way to earn with YouTube is through sponsorship. If your YouTube channel has a good reach with a good number of subscribers, then brands may be willing to offer you money to display their sponsored content in your videos. To get sponsorships, your channel needs to be quite popular with at least a few thousand followers. Again, to gain more subscribers, you should post unique and interesting content.

  1. YouTube partner program
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YouTube partner program is a great way to earn revenue through ads. For entering into the YouTube partner program, your YouTube channel should have at least 1000 subscribers. Once you cross the 1000 subscribers range, you can start earning money through the program. You must also strictly stick to the advertising guidelines laid by YouTube. Your channel should have gained over 4000 hours of watch time by the public in the last 1 year. You should also get your hands on Google AdSense and link that account to your channel.

  1. Merchandise 

You can use your YouTube channel as a platform to sell your merchandise. You can let your subscribers and video viewers know about the merchandise or products that you sell. Provide product links in the video description, and talk about the products in your videos to increase sales revenue. Apart from products, you can also sell virtual products and services like e-books, designing, content writing, etc. While earning money through affiliate marketing, you will only earn commissions. When you sell your merchandise or products through your videos, you won’t be sharing the sales revenue with anyone as you are the owner. In this way, you can make a good chunk of money.

  1. Subscription

Some of you might be unaware of this method. Not all YouTube videos are free to watch. Some YouTubers offer additional special content for their users who indulge in the premium subscription. The users have to pay a certain amount for a premium subscription. These users will get special access to videos and enjoy additional perks. You can also use crowdfunding platforms to make profits. Many artists and content creators use crowdfunding platforms to make money on YouTube.

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  1. Affiliate marketing

Heard about affiliate marketing on YouTube? It is one of the ways to make easy money. This method works well for product reviews or brand reviews. You can partner with a brand and display their product links on your YouTube video description. As you are going to talk about that particular product or brand in the video, the audience will check the description to check out or buy the product. Once a user clicks the link you provided and makes a purchase, you will receive some commission for that. To attain more purchases, you need to bring in more users to watch the video.

  1. Improve SEO Strategies 

You need to follow and practice current trends in SEO. Optimizing the SEO will result in an increased number of traction and video views. Increased audience means increased revenue. You should know what people will prefer to search for. Use appropriate keywords in your YouTube title, description, and tags. You should track how many people subscribe after watching your video, comments, click-through rate, and likes/dislikes count. By tracking these, you can implement your SEO strategies accordingly. Your video needs to appear on top when a person searches using a specific keyword.

How to earn money with YouTube?

All the above ways will help you how to earn money with YouTubeApart from following these ideas, it is important to make your content unique and keep your channel updated to gain traction. Video views and the number of subscribers are vital to making profits.

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Tips to increase your YouTube subscribers & video views

On how to earn money with YouTubewe will now look at some basic tips to increase your channel traction.

  • Post unique content; Stand out from your competitors.
  • Pick an interesting niche.
  • Update relevant logo, banner, and channel name according to the chosen niche.
  • Post at least 2 videos every week to keep the channel active.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments.

By making a note of the above tips, you can not only improve your channel quality but also increase the traction and make good money. You can too earn money and become a brand if you buy YouTube subscribers.