What is the role of a Video Embed?

Video Embed helps in the display of a video without directly presenting the file on the individual’s site. It also helps in loading the site quicker. Video Embed is a part of a code that one adds to his site. Through the help of the code, the video is displayed from its source.


Why Should the Videos be Embedded?

It is found that the majority of the information that we absorb is visual and they progress six hundred thousand times quicker than the texts. The value of visual content has become much more significant in this digital era. The return of investment, otherwise known as ROI is the highest in the case of videos according to maximum marketing professionals. Thus, embedding a YouTube video on HTML will result in more attention and engagement from the audience. It helps in enabling the videos to get more views and appear in search engine results. One can also include his viewpoint to another individual’s video content for creating more engagement.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in HTML?

Some of the useful aspects of Embedding YouTube videos to HTML are-

  1. The videos are played by the YouTube server which means that one should not think about the bandwidth and storage.
  2. There will not be any issue related to trust as the YouTube player is optimized in such a way that it can be played on any device or any browser.
  3. The subscribers will be happy enough to watch the creator’s video which is the best part.
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One can also find professional video content that a subscriber admires and subscribes. This also helps a YouTuber to grow as an influencer and come up with innovative merchandise.  He needs to be sure of the fact that the video’s topic is perfectly aligned with his audience and start the procedure of embedding videos on HTML.

The Process to Embed a YouTube Video on HTML Website –

  1. HTML Edit- In the initial step, one needs to visit the website’s page post section. Now, to include the video, the edit option needs to be selected and then find a spot in HTML. The cursor needs to be placed there.
  2. Embed Code Copy- In the next process, he needs to go to YouTube and find a video that he wants to include. Under the “Share” button, one can find the “Embed” option and he needs to click on it. The Embed code then has to be copied.
  3. Embed Code Paste- The YouTube embed code then has to be pasted into the spot of HTML, which was found in the earlier steps. One can post it instantly or save it. The video will appear precisely where one wanted to view it.

Is Embedding YouTube Video Legal?

While it has already been told on how to embed a YouTube video on HTML, the question arises whether this entire process is legal or not and a lot of people argue on this particular aspect. Many people think that embedding a YouTube video on HTML is like stealing someone else’s hard work for one’s profit.

According to the terms and conditions of YouTube, it can be said that embedding a video is not at all illegal. A video uploader allows every user on this social media platform to access his video and use it according to their convenience. During the time of uploading a video, the uploader also gets the option to turn on or off embedding, and if by chance the uploader decides to keep that feature enabled, he allows the users to embed his video according to their will. But the act of embedding a YouTube video comes up with some limitations as well.

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To play a YouTube video into the HTML, the following rules must be followed-

  1. The YouTube video first needs to be uploaded.
  2. The YouTube id needs to be noted.
  3. In the web page, an <iframe>element has to be defined.
  4. The video URL will be pointed by the SRC attribute.
  5. To focus on the dimension of the player, attributes such as height and width need to be used.
  6. Other parameters can be added to the URL.


<iframe width= “468” height =”300”

src= https://www.youtube.com./embed/ (mention the URL)>


Asa mentioned earlier, on embedding a YouTube video, the number of viewers can increase significantly to a channel. It also increases the ranking potential of a creator and the engagement time of the viewers on site.

Other Important Points to Consider While Video Embedding-

After getting to the video’s page, one has to click on the share tab following by clicking on the embed tab. Now, this is the basic. The embed code becomes visible that one can easily copy and paste in HTML. The drop-down can also be used to change the size of the video player.  However, if the individual wants to get a little advanced, he can use different methods of tweaks to make the embed code. One will be able to see the YouTube URL in quotes. To change the outlook of the embedded video, extra parameters can be added to that particular URL. But it must be remembered, when it comes to the inclusion of parameters, the first one always has to start with a question mark followed by ampersands. The answers and basics related to why and how to embed a YouTube video HTML are a very long one but this post has tried to explain to the best possible extent.