YouTube is considered one of the influential networking platforms of this digital era. We cannot imagine a single day without even watching a video on YouTube. A few years back YouTube came into our lives and now it has become our daily reality. And who is responsible for this craziness all over the world? Well, the credit goes to the content creators and the number of channels that are available on YouTube.

Each YouTube channel is distinct from the other and features an abundance of videos that will keep us entertained. Let it be a daily update or anything you need to know, YouTube has every video that can fulfill our needs and queries. Nowadays, even mainstream channels, movies, music videos, or shows are streamed on this online platform.

With so much effort, YouTube has found a nice way to recognize the well-known channels that have been entertaining us. That is the YouTube Play Button. If you are one of them and on the verge of achieving a play button under your name, then let us check out more on this unique award on YouTube. In addition, if you own a channel, you can buy YouTube subscribers and get near to your Play button.

how to get a YouTube Play Button

What is YouTube Play Button?

Nothing comes for free; similarly, YouTube gives recognition to the channels, after they reach a specific milestone. The lucky ones get the YouTube Play Buttons. These buttons are commonly known as YouTube creator awards or YouTube Plaques. This series of Play Buttons are given by YouTube to appreciate the most popular channels and those who are doing well to attract a maximum number of viewers and subscribers. Here, the quality and performance of the channels are based on the count of subscribers.

A content creator is very much aware of the importance of YouTube Play Buttons. They come in many colors and sizes; each of them represents different levels. The Play Buttons look exactly like the logo of the renowned YouTube – it is one kind of trophy that is made of metal and shines so bright.  

Five categories of YouTube Play Buttons

Nothing can be achieved in a day but you can build up the empire little by little. Before we jump to “How to get a YouTube Play Button?” let us be aware of “What?” Step up the ladder and reach your goals – YouTube goes with the same vision. It keeps awarding the eligible channels with different Play Buttons until it reaches the ultimate. Let us check them out:

  1. The Silver Play Button

This is the first milestone every content creator will receive on their journey to fame. YouTube awards the Silver Play Button once they reach the minimum criteria. It looks just like the YouTube Play Button and it’s made of nickel, carbon, and zinc. The design is very flat and has a clear metal touch, which also features the channel’s name on it. Silver Play Button can give you a digital Verification Badge on YouTube.

  1. Gold Play Button

This Play Button is made of gold plated brass and has a very shiny color of gold which also has the name YouTube on it. The surface is flat and has a glossy effect.

  1. Diamond Play Button

Now, this time you get a different play button that has the shape of a triangle. This trophy is silver-plated and has the effect of colored crystals on its surface.

  1. The Custom Play Button

Now, this is an interesting Play Button on YouTube. Not everyone can achieve the Custom Play Button. It has a very different trend that allows the eligible channel to customize the Play Button with different colors, logos, or shapes.

  1. Red Diamond Play Button

This is the rarest Play Button on YouTube. It features a play button with a large and dark red crystal in the middle.

If you are wondering How to get a YouTube Play Button, follow the below lines to know more about the YouTube creator awards.

Criteria for getting YouTube Play Button

These play buttons can only be given to the content creators – those who can get a certain number of subscribers.

how to get a YouTube Play Button

YouTube mainly follows 3 types of Play Buttons out of the others, which are awarded to the eligible channels. This platform has set 3 major milestones to achieve the play button:

  • 100,000 subscribers of the channels can grant you Silver Play Button.
  • 1,000,000 subscribers will make your channel eligible for the Gold Play Button.
  • 10,000,000 subscribers will give your channel Diamond Play Button.

But that is not the end because YouTube can only provide you with the Play Buttons only when you fulfill the other criteria; such as:

  1. The YouTubers must legitimately earn the subscriber. All the followers of your channel must be genuine and should not be a part of any foulness.
  2. The YouTube policies state lots of dos and don’ts. These should be followed to maintain the guidelines of YouTube standards. The moment you join YouTube as a content creator, you will be notified about the terms and conditions as well as the other criteria.
  3. Sometimes the quality of the videos of your channel can determine whether YouTube wants to provide you with the Play Button or not. YouTube has all the rights to navigate according to its discretion.

Once you reach the milestones and qualify the other criteria, you will receive a notification on YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard or via e-mail. After some formal exchange of information, you will receive the YouTube play button physically and an appreciation letter.

So it’s time to start working on your content so that nothing can stop you from getting the YouTube Play Button. Hard work pays off and you are very close to the trophy of this platform. Whatever you read might help you to understand the basic requirements and How to get a YouTube Play Button? The lines mentioned above, explain a lot about what you have been looking for. Now it’s time to start the main task.

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