getting Sponsors on YouTube

Making money off YouTube without the right tools and direction can be tedious. Those likes and views alone cannot make you enough, especially if you are just starting with your YouTube channel. It can also be daunting if you are a full-time YouTuber and barely making ends.

If you have an excellent quantity of religious subscribers and views, you can start making more money by securing sponsors for your content. Securing sponsors means to start getting yourself that brand partnership and sponsorship for your channel. Finding sponsorship is another lucrative way to earn money on YouTube.

If you are keen on expanding your horizon and ready to monetize your channel, you are at the right place.  This article will direct you on how to get sponsors on YouTube and also where you can find sponsors for your channel.

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How to get Sponsors on YouTube

Most YouTubers rely mostly on sponsorship rather than views. And yes, you don’t need to have millions of subscribers to start getting sponsorship. You can be just a small YouTube channel starting off, and you can still get sponsorship.

Now, how do you get your way around finding sponsors for your YouTube channel?. There are basically just two simple ways of getting yourself that sponsorship. It is sponsors finding you or you going and finding sponsors for yourself. If you have decent followers and viewership on your channel, the sponsor can directly come to you for collaborations. You can also take charge by looking for sponsorship yourself through various platforms.

However, there are a few prerequisites to securing sponsorship for your channel. They are-

  • Quality content- investors, are very particular about the returns of their investment. Your video content needs to be high quality, appealing, of your niche and garner views. Make sure your channel and the videos are in top shape for reeling in investors.
  • Follow Youtube guidelines- there are strict YouTube regulations that have been laid down. Adhering to the regulation is a must for YouTubers to get sponsorship. Breaking any of the rules will cause you community guideline strike and cancellation of your channel. Some of the policies are Copyright Infringement, Partner Program Policies, YouTube terms of service, AdSense Program, and Policies and Content commercial usage rights. Sponsors lookout for channels that stay clear on all these grounds.
  • Performance tracker- no sponsor is going to sponsor a poorly performing YouTube channel which is not going to yield any return. Make a proper CV about you and your channel for your investor. Make sure you keep a track of the number of views on your videos, positive comments, likes and dislikes on your videos, and also the number of social shares. Make sure there is a steady rise in your performance so that your sponsors can invest in your channel.
  • Subscriber- yes, subscription is also another aspect that sponsors take into consideration especially when you are a small channel. There is no official cap on when sponsors start investing but maintaining a steady rise in the subscription is a boost. A dedicated 10,000 subscribers can comfortably secure you, sponsors.

Keeping up with the prerequisites mentioned above can start getting you those sponsors for your channel. Now, another way of getting sponsors is by looking for sponsors yourself. If you are a small channel with a steady view and subscribers, this can help you gain sponsors. There are several websites where you can find sponsors for your channel. Here is a list of top 5 websites for YouTubers to find sponsors.

  • Famebit
  • Grapevine
  • AspireIO
  • My social
  • TapInfluence

These apps and sites can get you connected to various sponsors available for your content. If you have a particular sponsor in mind, another way to get the sponsorship is by contacting them directly. Attending YouTube and brand events can introduce you to a variety of sponsors.

youtube sponsorship

Types of Sponsorship

There are also different types of sponsorship available for you

  1. Paid sponsorship- brands pay YouTubers a fee for advertising their products in their content. They can either make a video with the brand products or can simply mention it on their channel.
  2. Product Sponsorship- YouTubers are paid through free products from brands in exchange for promotion or advertising.
  3. Affiliate Sponsorship- brands can give discount codes under affiliate sponsorship. The number of viewers who purchase the product using your code can get you decent payoffs.


Make sure you leave your contact and email in your description box. Sponsorship is another great way to get income from your YouTube channel. Now, go get that sponsorship for your channel.