YouTube is a magnum opus with about 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. It has a viewership of 2 billion people from 100 countries who collectively watch over one billion hours of YouTube videos every day. It is important to attract viewers with a good intro. So, how do you make an intro for YouTube?

YouTube intros are short clips played at the beginning of a YouTube video to give a preview of what the channel is offering. There are certain features common to most intros: the name of the YouTube channel, animations, and the music. How To Make An Intro For YouTube.

Each YouTube channel will have a consistent style so that your audience can associate with the channel. It may be a tune, an animation, or a catchy phrase. You add this intro to every one of your videos as a signature. The purpose of a YouTube introduction is to retain your regular viewers, and attract new viewers. So, the intro should demonstrate that your channel is worth visiting. You need a good manual on how to make a YouTube intro. How To Make An Intro For YouTube.

How To Make An Intro For YouTube

Features of Intros

  • They are short but should be intelligently made
  • It acts as a promo for your channel
  • Must include the title of the channels
  • Make it attractive with colors, animation, and music snippets.
  • The purpose of the intro is to entice new viewers, retain regular viewers, and make them subscribe to the channel
  • By having an intro across all your videos, your channel will get a brand and style.
  • A YouTube intro is essentially the visual signature attached at the beginning of every video
  • Similar to how the title attracts you to the movie, your intro should set the tone for your channel. YouTube intro is also known as the YouTube title sequence. How To Make An Intro For YouTube.
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Things to keep in mind when you make an intro for YouTube

  • Need to line up your ideas, keeping in mind the video length, music, animation, Catchy phrases, storytelling, and branding to get a perfect product.
  • Make sure there is a personalized touch to connect with your viewers. You must have an idea of the type of your channel that attracts and target them.
  • The runtime of the video is between 5-10 seconds and for anything longer than 25 seconds, the viewership is lost by 50%.
  • It must be personalized to associate with your brand to pique the interest of people when the intro appears on YouTube or other social media
  • It should have some recognizable features such as a tagline, logo, snippet music, signature collars, or fonts. Consistency is a must and over a period it creates an indelible impression in people’s minds.
  • Animation always adds energy and a little bit of humor and cuteness, then you have a great intro.
  • Never compromise on the quality. If the quality of the intro is below par then what is it you are offering in your channel. Why would anyone visit your channel? Make quality the center point of the intro.

All these will increase the popularity of your video and you can also buy likes for your channel.

How To Make An Intro For YouTube

 An extensive guide on how to make an intro for a YouTube

  • You can either choose a template or start your sketch from scratch. Several software tools offer free templates for YouTube intro. There is a huge choice from which you can select for travel channels, cooking to EdTech. Select the best fit and customize it to suit your channel. Make it unique and impactful. Popularize your channel by engaging your social media manager.
  • Customize your YouTube intro video design with the available software tools.
  • Edit your intro to flow and appears professional and send across to your viewers what you are offering. Pique the curiosity of the viewer. These tools can resize, trim or tailor your videos to meet your needs.
  • Edit the video and bring in your channel title and tagline with colors and text that goes with what you are offering
  • Upload your own image or from millions of free templates available on your intro
  • Customize the template by uploading your own video and adding it to the design
  • Do not forget to add music to match the style of your channel on the intro
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In addition to all these efforts, try to get additional views.

Ready to Download and publish your YouTube intro video

Once you are content with the overall design, run it through a few times, and show it to your friends for feedback. Then download your publish and video it to YouTube. Also share it on other social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Insta, and others. You may buy subscribers to increase the popularity of the channel. How To Make An Intro For YouTube.

Project the correct dimensions and file type extension

Make sure that your technicalities are right such as the video dimension and format. For a better view, an aspect video for a YouTube video should be 16:9. The highest resolution available is 4Kat and high definition at 1920 x 1080 pixels and formats such as. MOV, .mP4, .AVI, and . MV. Make your intro eye-catching, impactful, and trendy. Also, try to buy more subscribers. How To Make An Intro For YouTube.