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YouTube has become one of the biggest video streaming apps at the moment. With about two billion active users and 300-hour videos being uploaded every minute, it is only going to expand even more. YouTube has now become such a vast business and industry.

With all this popularity and power to reach people, YouTube has stringent regulations. All YouTubers are expected to adhere to YouTube’s  Community guidelines strictly. Non-compliance to which can cause a strike on your YouTube channel and cancellation of your channel. These guidelines have been laid in line with the company’s preference or local laws and regulations.

YouTube Community Guidelines

YouTube has a vast community, and the YouTube Community Guidelines are designed to build a safe and respectable community. The guidelines are a set of rules relating to subjects that are not allowed on YouTube. These guidelines are binding on all users. The guidelines are regulating mechanisms that are created to check on inappropriate content on the platform.  All users are to adhere to these regulations without failure.

What is considered inappropriate content?

YouTube has several content policies which users are to follow carefully. Some of the inappropriate content are-

  • Sensitive content- pornography, sexual content, nudity, child safety, suicide, and self-injury content.
  • Dangerous content- content like incitement of violence, harassment, hate speech, misinformation, for example, Covid-19 misinformations are not allowed on YouTube.
  • Spam content- content containing impersonation, fake engagements, links that lead to sensitive content, spam, and scam video are against the community guideline.

Staying away from making such content can keep your videos and channel safe and alluring for sponsors ad investors.

Flagging inappropriate content

We know by now that YouTube is flooded with millions of videos, and it needs a filtering mechanism to maintain the integrity of the company and the community. With this intention in mind, YouTube allows its user to flag inappropriate content whenever they come across one. By flagging the video, you are alerting YouTube staff to review the content of the video. YouTube staff review videos round the clock for the best user experience.

You can also be assured users who flag the videos remain anonymous. Your identity remains hidden if you flag inappropriate content. However, flagging a video does not ensure that the video is taken down. It will undergo review before it is taken done.

reporting channel on youtube

How to report a channel on YouTube?

YouTube during the period of April- June 2021, has canceled 4,187,640 channels that did adhere to the Community Guidelines. Canceling these many channels removed more than 60 million videos from the platform. That means YouTube is very serious about maintaining a safe and respectable community space.


Fagging a youtube channel one time is not enough to get your channel canceled. A YouTube channel can be terminated if it builds up to three Community Guidelines strikes in the stretch of over 90 days. If the channel is reported to have even a single case of predatory behavior or severe abuse, it can be canceled. Many channels are deleted over issues of spam accounts too. All videos on the channel are removed when the channel is terminated.

Reporting a channel on YouTube

If you ever come across inappropriate content, you can report the channel by following these steps.

  1. On your computer, launch YouTube on your browser
  2. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  3. Next is to browse the channel which you wish to report that is violating the Community Guideline.
  4. After finding the channel, click on the channel name to get you the page of the channel.
  5. On the channel page, click on the About tab located in the right corner of the page.
  6. A drop-down menu with the icon of a flag will appear. Click on it to report the channel.
  7. The expanded menu from the flag icon will lead you to the Report User Click on the Report User option.
  8. You will be asked to select the main reason for reporting the channel in the Report User Choose the option appropriate to your report.
  9. Once you have chosen the appropriate reason, press the Next option at the bottom. You will also see a section where you can add more details of your report. If you wish to add more, type in the space given.
  10. Press the Submit button at the bottom of the page to finish your report.

Your report has been submitted successfully. The reported channel will undergo a review by the staff at YouTube.


You can also be part of the Trusted Flagger program on YouTube by gaining high accuracy in flagging channels. These easy steps mentioned above can help you report channels on YouTube.

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