YouTube has become an encyclopedia, especially among children, For their queries, the current generation prefers an answer with an Audio-Visual effect rather than printed information. YouTube has become part of our daily life with millions of viewers uploading and downloading videos every minute. A clear understanding of how to start a YouTube channel for kids is a must.

YouTube and Children

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids

Among younger children, YouTube has replaced live broadcast TV for entertainment. This is primarily because they can choose the content of their choice, unlike TV which has a specific set of programs. 

In addition, YouTube provides an opportunity to create our content and this creativity is very attractive to younger kids. Parents have several questions regarding their children putting content on the internet. With 125 million people accessing YouTube per day, parents are concerned about privacy, safety, and unwanted trolling.

Children turn to their parents for clarification and guidance. Many parents help their children to create programs on the internet. The question is How to start a YouTube channel for Kids? Ironically parents turn to YouTube for guidance to help their children.

Why would a kid want to create a video for YouTube?

  1. It is creative and makes the kids popular amongst their peers. Any performer needs an audience and YouTube gives that platform for you to display your talent. 
  2. Good content gets paid, YouTube shares 55% of the revenue collected from advertisements published on the channel with its creator. Several children have created very popular content on YouTube. These are certain channels on YouTube for Kids with greater than 25 million subscribers and with a financial worth of 22 million USD. 
  3. It helps to get more YouTube engagement for your child’s video as this will help the channel to reach a larger audience.

Safety on YouTube 

Discuss your child’s plan in creating a video for YouTube, Ask them several questions such as the content they want to offer, and their target audience. Caution them about the digital world and how a single post good or bad can impact their life forever. Ask them not to share their private information such as their home and school addresses. It would be wise for the parent or a guardian to keep a close watch. Try to optimize your child’s videos by getting YouTube likes.

Ask them to make neutral videos so that their face is not part of the video. Joining any social media is a big decision and the age and maturity of the kid should be kept in mind. In the beginning, nicknames maintain the anonymity of the kid, and later when you are confident of the audience. you may reveal yourself.  You can inactivate the comment section to avoid trollers. To make your child’s videos popular get more subscribers.

Coming back to the question, how do we start a YouTube channel for kids?

YouTube has certain restrictions on age. Children between 13-17 years can have their accounts with parental approval. YouTube does not children under 13 years to register an account. Parents have to set up an account for them and monitor the content they upload. There are YouTube Community Guidelines that every creator has to follow and this also includes a specific section on Child Safety.

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids

Stepwise guidance on, how to start a YouTube channel for kids

  1. Log in to your Google account. For children under 13, an adult must log in for creating the channel.
  2. With your Google account, reach the YouTube homepage.
  3. Click the profile icon, you create a channel
  4. Either use the default name and profile associated with the Google account or generate a new one 
  5. Select a name for your channel without any personal information.
  6. For a description of the channel, upload an appropriate and attractive picture. To change video privacy settings
  7. Sign in to YouTube Studio
  8. From the left sidebar select the video. Next, select the live tab to view the live uploads.
  9. Under visibility of the video to the audience, select Public, Private, or Unlisted and Save 
  10. When you encounter an abusive viewer, you can block him by clicking on the comment, selecting more > Hide comments  
  11. You request your viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Turning off The Comment section of the YouTube channel

  1. Sign in to YouTube, Click on the profile icon,
  2. Click on YouTube Studio and from the left sidebar select ‘Videos’
  3. Click on the thumbnail of the video to disable comments for that particular video
  4. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab and click on ‘Comments and ratings’ and untick the ‘Allow comments. This will disable comments for that video and then save
  5. YouTube has created a new Universal policy for content created for children to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and/or other laws.  Once the content is tagged as For kids, it has to follow the privacy rules.
  6. You can also block a channel in YouTube Studio under Settings> Community and in the ‘Hidden users’ box paste the URL and save. 

In the light internet explosion, it is natural for your child to desire to explore social media. Proper guidance and support from parents will make your child’s journey remarkable and buy more views to popularize the channel. 

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