YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows users to upload and share videos. Millions of people have registered accounts on the site, allowing them to submit videos that anybody may see. More than 35 hours of video are posted to YouTube every minute of every day. Competitors like TikTok are still struggling to overthrow YouTube.

YouTube was launched in 2005 to allow users to upload and share unique video content. But, since then, it’s evolved into both a repository for favorite clips, songs, and gags, as well as a marketing platform for businesses to sell their wares. YouTube also became a platform for people to become influencers by gaining a lot of followers and earning money through views.

The auto-play feature on YouTube

Because of the abundance of information, it’s all too easy to become lost in the rabbit hole of YouTube clips and lose track. Allowing the platform’s Autoplay function – which allows similar videos to play automatically – to stay on while you’re viewing videos makes it even easy to be sucked in.

Because YouTube’s Autoplay function is enabled by default, you’ll have to actively choose to disable it if it becomes an issue. Furthermore, while the tool is supposed to play movies relevant to the one you just saw, some users believe it frequently misses the target.

How to turn off autoplay on Youtube

The YouTube Autoplay function was first made accessible to users in 2015, and it is now available on all YouTube-enabled devices. This covers machines running Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. When you open a video, YouTube will dynamically run a similar video after the original one has finished.

For example, if you’re viewing a music video, the Autoplay feature will play a song by the same artist. If you don’t want to browse your device for a piece of new music to play every time a video stops, this might be a useful alternative.

However, it might be irritating if YouTube makes what you feel is the wrong option. So, using any browser, let’s see how you may deactivate YouTube Autoplay on your computer:

Step 1: Open YouTube on any browser. Any browser with the latest update will do.

Step 2: Click on a video you want to watch.

Turn Off Autoplay On YouTube

Step 3: After you’ve clicked on a video to watch, use your mouse pointer to hover on top of the video. You’ll see icons coming up like the Resume and Stop button.

Step 4: Drag your mouse pointer over to a small Play slider on the right side, and you’ll see a notice that comes up saying ‘Autoplay is on.’

Step 5: Press on the Autoplay button, and it’ll slide to the left with a dialog box saying ‘Autoplay is off.’

Bear in mind that YouTube just enhanced this function, and there used to be an Autoplay toggle option on the right upper side of the screen, outside of the video. Don’t worry if you’re accustomed to seeing it there; the function is still available. It has just recently been moved.

On Android and iOS

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets may also use the Autoplay feature. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, the procedure for turning off Autoplay is the same:

Step 1: Open the YouTube app on your mobile device.

turning off youtube autoplay

Step 2: Open any video you would want to watch.

Step 3: Press on the video, and you’ll see icons popping up.

Step 4: Press on the Play slide icon, and you’ll see that it slides to the left with a dialog box saying ‘Autoplay is off.’

That’s all you need to do. Additionally, you can also change it in Settings>Autoplay. Either way, Autoplay will be disabled until you change it again.

How to turn off Autoplay on YouTube TV

Step 1: Open your YouTube TV account through any medium.

Step 2: Click on your photo, which is on the right.

Step 3: Press on ‘Settings.’

Step 4: You will see the autoplay toggle, and you can use it to turn it on or off.

Final word

Everyone has one of those days where they watch YouTube videos and end up watching many of them continuously. The autoplay feature can be a boon or a straight-up annoyance depending on our mood. So learning how to toggle the autoplay feature on YouTube across PC and other devices is good reliable knowledge to have.

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