Smart and Effective Tips on How to Advertise on YouTube


Today, YouTube has become the most important platform for communication, familiarization, learning and gaining popularity. The app has been recognized as the second biggest search mechanism, with Google being on the top list.

This app provides for a bigger audience through video uploads and content creation. The videos are monetized based on views, likes and comments.

YouTube algorithm oversees this activity. A content creator can further earn by promoting ads in their videos. This technique is a great way to boost business, gain more subscribers and attract the attention of sponsors and collaborate with other affluent influencers.

To achieve your target, you must understand the different types of ads you can run on YouTube.

There are three types of YouTube ads:

TrueView Ads- these ads are the standard video types whereby; advertisers will only monetize based on the numbers of views and interactions with their ad. You can easily customize videos to share a variety of content. There are two types of TrueView ads with which you can optimize your YouTube channel. 

Video Discovery Ads: this type of ad shows up on the YouTube home page, search result page, and related videos on YouTube video watch pages. As a user, if you click on the ad there will be an indication on the right column where the display will be visible.

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In-Streaming Ads Facebook for Creators: this type of ad plays before anyone can watch the video, they have already pre-selected on YouTube. Sometimes, viewers are given the liberty to press the skip option after the 05 seconds duration is up.

Preroll Ads: these ads cannot be skipped. They are played before, during or even after the end of the video. Since the ads cannot be skipped, you can optimize a viewer’s attention towards the brands you are promoting

Bumper Ads: Bumper Ads are short videos which cannot does not have the skip options. They are used for promotional events.

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Get monetized with each view : YouTube algorithm track audience’ responses

How to go about with advertising using the ads mentioned above:

While it is great to have content ideas that are relatable to your audience, you must also promote your brands simultaneously. The focus of your content must not deviate from your brand. It would help if you were proactive to make sure your hard work pays off. Here are three fundamental rules for you.

If you choose to use TrueView Ads, it will be better if you do not run a standard promotional commercial since the audience can skip ads. Thus, they are more likely to watch your ad without pressing the skip button if you came up with an advertising plan that will make your audience find your ad interesting to watch. You can try some creative storytelling techniques since the larger audience responds more towards case studies.

In the case of Preroll Ads, be open to the task of encouraging your audience to click on your ads since YouTube sells these ads based on the pay-per-click criteria.

If Bumper Ads look like your ideal ad, you have to be at the top of your advertising game, promoting only the best things about your brand in six seconds. Use this time wisely to attract a greater audience.

Keynote to remember: To make the most of your budget, it is vital to identify your goals and metrics before purchasing an ad. It would be best if you kept a

tab on each of your video performances via analyzing results. You will have access to metrics in the reporting tab of your Google Ads account after linking your YouTube channel to your Google Ads. Click on the video to understand the rules of advertising for your channel.

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The most important key metric is impressions. This factor will indicate to you the number of times potential customers viewed your ad.

The second metric views. If an audience views at least 30 seconds of your ad or watches the entire ad without skipping, YouTube will count it as a view.

The third metric is the view rate which refers to the total number of people who watched your ad when it pops up on their screen. This metric will help you understand what your viewers are most fascinated about.

The cost-per-view metric refers to how much you spend when someone watches your video.

Earned actions are the likes, subscriptions and comments. This metric will indicate how your audience is connecting with your brand and help you monetise your channel more effectively.