Most Liked Comments in youtube

YouTube is now a part of our daily lives. Is there anybody that doesn’t go to YouTube at least once or twice a day? Apart from the teens and young adults, even the older generation loves to interact and engage with varying content on YouTube. That’s the power and significance YouTube carries all across the globe. You could suddenly think of something, search for it and watch on YouTube with just the tap of a finger. You basically have everything in the tip of your fingers in today’s time. There are countless videos available on YouTube.

You can try to watch them for the rest of your life, and you still won’t be able to finish them. We are sure that you still can’t finish watching your favorite YouTuber’s videos. Apart from the videos of your favorite channels having millions and millions of views, do you also see the influx of comments on them? There are tons of comments with so many likes. Such comments are super funny, creative, or even deep. Today, we will be looking at some of the most liked YouTube comments in this article.

Most Liked YouTube Comments

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Here’s a rundown of the Top 10 most liked YouTube comments so far:

  • This song was inspired by things that happened in my life since releasing my last album…– 1.27 million likes – (Selena Gomez – Lose You to Love Me (Official Music Video)).
  • I really didn’t – 1.60 million likes – (Mr. Beast… do you remember me?).
  • I don’t get it, what am I supposed to do exactly? – 1.52 million likes – (PewDiePie Comment on this Video).
  • There’s a reason this has over 600M views… – 1.01 million likes – (Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video)).
  • Isse ab yahi khatam karte hai mera hogye… – 1.79 million likes – (YALGAAR – CARRYMINATI X Wily Frenzy).
  • LET HIM GO – 1.87 million likes – (Only Dream Can Comment on this Video)
  • We’re honored that the first YouTube video was shot here! – 2.06 million likes – (Me at the Zoo).
  • I’m the bald guy – 3.25 million likes – (bad guy by Billie Eilish).
  • Lil Dicky: We love the EarthNational Geographic: Same though 🙌🌍 – (Lil Dicky – Earth (Official Music Video)).

Getting Likes on Your YouTube Comments

A top comment refers to the one, which has garnered the highest number of likes. You might think it’s easy to simply get your comment on top, but you actually have to be strategic here. Yes, sometimes you get lucky by simply putting up a comment and receiving thousands of likes. However, enabling your comment to start trending is a whole different thing. Here’s how you can get your comment on top:

Locate a Popular or Trending Video– First, you need to look for a video that’s trending or popular. It should feature views in terms of a few hundred thousand. However, it shouldn’t be too many to the point that the Video isn’t rising anymore. Leaving space is important for allowing the Video to grow. Also, look out for videos that are trending. When you insert comments on such videos, you get an immediate response of likes from the channel’s fans. Once you start to garner the likes, it will only grow as more people see your comment.

Watch Everything– Even if you are trying to chase comment clout, you shouldn’t make it that visible with your actions. You shouldn’t appear like you are commenting just for the sake of getting likes (which you actually are). But that’s not the case here because you would want to show that you are genuinely interested in the Video. So, you need to watch the entire video and come up with an interesting comment that will catch the attention of the viewers, and hopefully, the channel owner as well.

Checking Comments– Another way to get likes on your comments is to hunt for comments that are rising to the top. When such comments are getting a lot of interaction, make sure to hop in on the bandwagon and drop in a reply too. Ensure that it’s something creative, funny or relatable. From there, you will also receive likes from the viewers and the original commenter too.

Being Useful– To piggyback off the above pointer, you should comment something useful. It should add to the discussion that’s taking place in the comment section. Do not comment something random or bland because nobody will like it.

Paying attention to the Background– You must have come across comments in videos when people comment on something that many viewers didn’t notice in the Video. It could be a message or something funny in the background of the Video. So, the key is to pay attention to whatever’s going on in the Video.