Making Money On YouTube

There are many ways you can make money on YouTube. From making videos of yourself playing games to creating DIY or cooking tutorials, you can post the content on your own YouTube channel.

You could also try vlogging, which is basically just documenting your day-to-day life in a video blog format. There are many opportunities out there for people with a creative flair and ambition.

In order to make money from your videos, it is best to have a good number of subscribers and a high view count. This means that you need a popular channel with a lot of content in order for adverts to be displayed on your videos.

If your videos have a lot of views, YouTube will allow ads to be shown on your content. You can make playlists of related videos to try and get a lot of views on these too. This will help with advertising revenue.

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Ways to Make Money on YouTube

YouTube Ads

One way to make money on YouTube is through YouTube ads. These are the typical ads that pop up on your screen while you’re watching videos, but they are specifically tailored for YouTube viewers.

YouTube ads are able to tap into the kind of content that people are viewing to generate more targeted ads.

Furthermore, YouTube ads are provided by advertisers who pay the site every time they receive an impression. These impressions are logged when a video is displayed in somebody’s queue or watched for more than 30 seconds.

Advertisers target their audience based on age, gender, keywords in the titles of videos and other information that people provide when they upload their videos.

These ads are served to the right side of the site, before or during other videos. YouTube can charge anywhere from $1 to $5 per thousand views.

Additionally, consumers can enable pre-roll video ads that play before the featured video starts when they sign up for Google AdSense. It allows you to earn money on your videos by placing ads on your site.

It takes about 30 days until you start earning money after you sign up for an account, which is free to do. This advertising type is targeted based on the content of the video that’s being displayed alongside it.

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You can also enable annotations, which are shaded boxes that appear on the screen during playback. These can include clickable links to other videos, product offers or ads for your own products.

Selling Products

One other way is to sell your own products. You can use your following on the website to create a store and then list your products for sale with links that people can click on to buy them.

There are also YouTube personalities with enough clout who make six figures each year, usually from their own endorsements or sponsorships.

Applying to Become YouTube Partner

You could even apply to become a YouTube partner. This way, you get paid every time someone watches one of your videos, not just when the advertiser has paid.

If you get a large enough number of subscribers, you could also potentially earn money from Google’s Adsense account for other people’s videos. This is in the case that they add your channel to their ‘whitelist.’

Steps to Make Money on YouTube using Google AdSense

Earning on YouTube

AdSense is a tool that lets you make money with your YouTube videos by displaying ads.

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Step 1: You will need to have accounts on both AdSense and YouTube in order to use this feature.

Step 2: After logging into your account, go to the ‘Video Manager’ tab of your channel page.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Add a video’ button, and you will be able to add a new video from here.

Step 4: In addition to adding your video, select the ‘Monetization’ tab below your video thumbnail and click either the Image or text ad. Then copy and paste the code into your webpage after asking for a donation.

This is an excellent way to raise money for charity or even just have some extra spending money.

You must also be sure that your videos are advertiser-friendly in order for this to work. You can learn more about what YouTube considers advertiser-friendly from their community guidelines page.

All in all, the best way to start making money on YouTube is by getting yourself known. Get your name out there and grow a large audience. It is not that easy, but when it is done right, it does work!