The YouTube description templates play a significant role in turning these viewers into subscribers or followers. Just like the “About” page of a website, the function of the description templates is also the same. Along with this, many people can also find a particular channel as per their desire through the help of these templates. The text below the YouTube videos is usually considered to be a YouTube video description. The main purpose of these descriptions is that they help the viewers to understand the type of content of a particular video and the reason why they should watch the video.

If anyone wants to make a career out of YouTube and also become a famous influencer, it is essential to improve the video descriptions for SEO. Still, if he is in doubt about how to write engaging and creative video descriptions, the templates and the points written below are going to be a lot beneficial for him.

the best YouTube description templates,

 What to Write and Not to Write in YouTube Video Description-

While writing a YouTube description, there are a few things that one should be aware of. One should be able to explain briefly what is the content of his YouTube videos. There is a maximum limit of 5000 characters in the description box. But still, the important highlights and the points of the video should be written within the first few lines of the description.

Although If the uploader feels like more important points are needed to be mentioned, then it is better to type them in bullet points to avoid creating confusion in the minds of the viewers. The best YouTube description templates.

Another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the usage of timestamps. This is especially needed in the case of long videos and helps the viewers to a significant extent. This is indeed one of the best modern features that YouTube has come up with.

Other Important Things to Include in YouTube Description-

While uploading a video, it is always better to add links to other videos or videos based on the same content in the description. For example, if a YouTuber is trying to make a series based on a particular topic or if there are many parts of a video, adding the links to previous videos is always going to help the viewers. If a creator wants to save his skin from issues related to copyright and other violations, then giving credits to someone for a particular aspect of his video is probably the first thing that he is going to do. And it can only be done by adding the links to those in the descriptions. Not only this, it always creates a sense of trust and respect among the creator’s audience.

The YouTube thumbnail and its size is also another important aspect here. The creator should try to make the thumbnail for a video in such a manner, that the audiences can understand or at least predict what the topic is going to be about. The creator also needs to have CTA which is also known as call-to-action to grow his influence more among the viewers. The best YouTube description templates.

The Keywords of YouTube Video Description-

Creating videos for a channel is never enough. One should also know about applying the appropriate keyword for the videos that are being uploaded. When it comes to the ranking of the search engines, the name YouTube comes second in the list which makes the factor of adding keywords even more important. The user engagement in this social media platform is even more than that of many other popular search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

The best video tags can be chosen through the help of these keywords and it also helps the creator to find his fanbase and the type of merchandise products they expect from him. It is always advisable for a YouTuber to use these keywords early in the description.

the best YouTube description templatesThe YouTube Description Templates to Use in 2022-

On average, the video description word count should not be more than 200. It is quite sufficient for a viewer to get an idea about the video. One can set the foundation of using the best YouTube description templates by writing in a very short, casual, and informal manner. On reading the description it should sound as if the creator is talking to the viewer like a friend just like in the case of radios. The best YouTube description templates.

However, one should know that a single type of YouTube video template can never be used in all sorts of videos and thus a few examples are mentioned below-

Example 1-

Hello, my friends! I welcome all of you to my channel. (Name of the channel to be mentioned)

As many of you do not know, I mainly use this channel to talk about……. (Field of interests to be mentioned)

Here I cover topics on……. (The topics which are covered by an individual’s channel)

These are some of the other places where you can follow me- (Mention the ids of other social media platforms which the creator uses.)

Please subscribe to my channel to see more videos every……… (The days on which the videos are uploaded need to be mentioned along with the time slots.)

Example 2-

Hello, my viewers! Today I am going to talk about…… (Mention the topic). Watch the video till the end and do not forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications of this channel.

(Talk about the topic for a specific amount of time.)

I would try to clear your doubts and answer the questions related to this video next week.

For more information, visit this website. (Mention the name of the website)

These are the two examples of many types of templates that can be used for videos. It is the creativity and skill of the creator that ultimately helps to create the best YouTube description templates.


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