Most Disliked Video On YouTube

Users tune in to YouTube and collectively spend billions of hours every day all around the world. When you’re putting up a video for people to watch, they have the power to decide whether to like or dislike the video. YouTube has a like and dislike button that lets people engage with the video and show whether they like the video or not. Carrying ‘the most’ title has its own charm. Let’s take a look at what is the most disliked video on YouTube.


Before we let you know the most disliked video on YouTube, let’s create some suspense and take a look at the top 4 disliked videos.

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5.“Johny Johny, Yes Papa” by LooLoo Kids

The fifth top spot rightly goes to this video. It consists of a nursery rhyme.

Like any other nursery rhyme, it is quite deadly repetitive. A two-minute-long video where the baby is trying to hide sugar cubes when his father isn’t looking at him. Somehow this video was able to get 11.13m dislikes. That’s an achievement in itself.

4. “Baby” by Justin Bieber

We all have heard this song at least once in our life. This was “the song” that made Justin Bieber popular.

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The video from 2010 has been able to garner a total of 12.36m dislikes. Even though this particular song has a lot of dislikes, it was a popular song and played everywhere by the younger generation.

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3. “Sadak 2 Trailer” by FoxStarHindi

This movie trailer only took a week to get 13.61m dislikes. According to the Indian media, the dislike was due to people showing their hatred of Nepotism.

2. “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong

Baby Shark is known by everyone around the world. That’s simply because of how addictive the song is.

It is a children’s song that has kept children hooked. Somehow this video has 14m dislikes.

1. “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Control Rewinds” by YouTube

most disliked youtube video

Finally, the moment you were waiting for, we present you with the #1 most disliked YouTube video. Unlike this video, you should focus on getting tons of views and likes instead. Remember that engagement means more earnings.

Every year YouTube makes a video at the end of the year to rewind the year. They show the YouTube users which video was the most engaged with.

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But the 2018 rewind video ended up being the most disliked YouTube video. It has 19.56m dislikes. The reason for getting so much dislike is because viewers considered it very cringeworthy and were not impressed.

The Reason for Disliking YouTube Videos

You might be wondering that some videos that we mentioned don’t really deserve their dislike. Some people dislike the video simply because the video didn’t appeal to them or they didn’t like the content.

Dislikes are also done to give negative feedback. But not all dislikes mean they hate your content. Some dislikes are done by trolls, and there might be a few clumsy users who pressed the dislike button by mistake.

·       Trolls and Mean Individuals

You need to know that people are mean, and they like to troll. Some people get pleasure in ruining good things. They just like to dislike things in general.

·       To Manipulate The Algorithm

When a video is recommended by the algorithm to you or others, you might not like it. So, to manipulate and tell the algorithm that you don’t want to see the content, disliking the video is usually done.

·       Hate For The Uploader

Some videos are good, and you won’t see any reason to dislike them. But people still leave a lot of dislikes.

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That is probably because of the owner of the video rather than the video. The YouTuber might have done something to anger the netizens.

To cancel him and show disapproval, people usually gather a force to leave hatred on their videos by disliking it.

·       Disliking By Mistake

Some users around the world are clumsy. The like and dislike options are right next to each other.

It is safe to assume that they click the dislike button instead of the like button. But this only covers only a percent or two of the total dislike.

·       The Content Is Actually Bad

Maybe the video itself is really bad. There are many honest feedbacks too.

When you come across a really bad video, you leave a dislike.

You do this because you want to show that you didn’t enjoy the video. Also, the dislike tells the uploader that the video lacked something, and it didn’t captivate the audience.

The video could’ve also included something sensitive or misinformation. Thus, to show disapproval, people usually leave a dislike.