YouTube is one of the most commonly used social media platforms on the web. As an outcome, many channels and creators have numerous subscribers. Checking the most subscribed YouTubers is the most significant part of YouTube, but a lot of content creators want their fans to become subscribers to their channel. 

This gives them hope that they will keep visiting their channel regularly. If you want to know about the most subscribed YouTubers, read this post till the end as it will tell you about some of the most well-known YouTubers of all time. 

  • ElrubiusOMG- 36.2 Million Subscribers 

This channel is owned by Ruben Doblas Gundersen but is more popularly known by the name of his channel. It takes a top position in the list of most subscribed YouTubers. His channel mostly consists of gameplay vlogs and videos and acquires him more than 7.4 billion views. Not just this but one of the tweets shared by Ruben was widely retweeted across the world in the year 2016. This achievement then adjoined his great number of YouTuber subscribers making him one of the most famous personalities on social media. 

  • WhinderssonNunes- 37.6 Million Subscribers 

the most subscribed YouTubers

WhinderssonNunes is a Brazil-based comedian, YouTuber, and singer. His channel is popular for the wide range of comedy videos you can find here. Once a video is uploaded, it gets thousands of views from the audience. It has more than 3 billion views overall and also has a huge content variety that imagines vlogs, film reviews, and parodies. Because of such a collection of content, viewers can visit this channel for some entertainment videos which are easy to view. 

  • MrBeast- 26.1 Million Subscribers 

This list will be incomplete without the mention of MrBeast. Jimmy Donalsdon is a YouTuber of American origin and a philanthropist who posts eye-catching stunts regularly on his YouTube channel. A few out of his videos also include the counting to 200,00 in a video of 52 hours, and getting into partnership with 600 YouTube for a plantation of 20 Million trees. 

  • Logan Paul- 25.2 Million Subscribers

Logan Paul is an America-based YouTuber, social media persona, and actor. He has an individual podcast of his own named Impulsive. After gaining fame on Vine, Logan Paul started to run his account on YouTube for sharing different kinds of videos like vlogs, pranks, and stunts. Logan Paul also contributed to making YouTube history back in 2019 after fighting with a fellow YouTuber. The video became massively popular and was even shared on many other YouTube channels.

  • Shane Dawson- 23.1 Million Subscribers 

Shane Dawson is also a YouTuber based in America. He is also a comedian, musician, actor, director, and make-up artist. Recently, his YouTube channel has gained immense popularity and has become most popular for the videos which are designed in the documentary pattern. Back in 2019, Shane also worked with Jeffree Starr in an attractive documentary that covered all the background scenes procedure of the collection based on conspiracy, a makeup collection in which both of the superstars collaborated this year. 

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  • Ryan’s World- 22.4 Million Subscribers 

the most subscribed YouTubers

Earlier known as Ryan Toys Reviews, this channel acquires the 4th position in this list. This is a children’s YouTube channel that shows an 8-year-old kid named Ryan with all his family members. He posts new videos every day. The videos posted by him are mostly reviews about toys, children-friendly content, and vlog-style clips which are perfect for children of different age groups. This is the best family-friendly YouTube channel for entertainment and fun. 

  • HolaSoyGerman- 40 Million Subscribers 

The owner of this channel is German Alejandro GarmendiaAranis who is most widely known by his channel name. He is a writer and comedian YouTuber from Chile who has also produced a wide range of entertainment music and songs. As of now, this YouTube channel is one of the highly subscribed YouTube channels in the Spanish language. It is predicted that this channel with grow more in the upcoming years and very soon, he will acquire the topmost position in the list of most subscribed YouTubers. 

  • PewDiePie- 102 Million Subscribers 

PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTubers from Sweden. He has recently attained the mark of 100 million subscribers in August. He is also regarded as the most subscribed creator on YouTube. His remarkable online presence in combination with his entertaining persona is the reason why he is one of the top influencers ever known. 

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Despite so many controversies in his career, he doesn’t fail to amaze his audience with the well-known series of Minecraft lately and his humorous review of different Meme bored. Although he has recently stated that he’ll be taking a break from YouTube but that won’t affect his popularity for sure. 

These are some of the most widely known names in this list of the most subscribed YouTubers.There are many more YouTubers with a lot of subscribers but the ones mentioned above are very popular and are known by all YouTube users. You can view their channel and check out their content to know more. Paying to buy YouTuber subscribers is also one way through which you can reach the list of top YouTubers if not the most subscribed ones.