YouTube is a great app that allows viewers to share and watch videos and movies together. While this is not feasible in the case of long distance, many services will enable you to watch the same video simultaneously. Here are the best services you can try out:

Watch YouTube with Friends


This is a great service provider that is making the popular rounds on the internet today. The best feature about Watch2Gether is that you do not need to undergo the hassle of registering or signing up. The only basic thing you have to do is create a room whereby your friends can join in via the URL. Click on the search button, search for a specific video or copy-paste a video link to start watching. The other feature is the chat box which is on the homepage of the screen. You can chat with your friends simultaneously while enjoying the selected videos.


SyncTube is another excellent interface for group-watching of videos. It is simple to access. Just like the Watch2Gether, you can straightaway watch your videos after you create a room. Select your preferred video, or you can paste your copied video URL. The pre-selected video will automatically appear and be added to your collection.

SyncTube further gives you the authority to disable random viewers from joining your video room thereby, giving you and your friends privacy and confidentiality. The feature also creates stability of the video by controlling the skipping of the videos accidentally.

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Sync Video 

The best feature about Sync Video is that you can enable the pause button during video buffering, which will pause the video streaming on everyone’s page if one of your friend’s internet is down so that all of you are on the same page.

The feature allows you to be in complete control of your room. Like the other two mentioned features, in Sync Video, you can send invites by sharing links.


Unlike the other features, for twoseven, you and your group will have to register and create an account which will, of course, be free. This feature is excellent for syncing videos, and your team can further use both webcams and microphones while watching the videos. This is thus the fun part of the feature. You and your friends can practically see and hear one another while watching the same video altogether. Twoseven is an excellent feature if you are looking for something more tangible in a sense.


&chill is a unique service compared to all the other services that facilitate group YouTube video watching. Besides having all the already mentioned features, its interface is unique because you can choose your seating arrangement and adjust the position of the video based on your comfort level. 

Before you start watching your videos on, you have to paste your YouTube URL on your homepage to create a room. There will be two interfaces showing you your saved videos, library and homepage videos. Select your preferred videos, then you and your friends are good to go. Like all the other services, there is a chat box where you can constantly communicate with your friends.


Metastream is a slightly more complicated version with modern designs. However, once you get the hang of it, its features are dynamically more effective than the other services. For instance, you do not have to leave the current page to add another video to your playlist. There are no interruptions in metastream. This service also allows you to watch your videos on full screen. The only drawback of Metastream, though is, you will need a browser extension.

Besides all the above services, you can also stick to the conventional video conferencing and screen sharing method. Ideally, this tool is mainly used for business conferences and meetings. In this situation, your friends have to join virtually while you will be the only one sharing your screen to connect with your friends.

To get a better understanding of how you can manually avail these services, watch this three-minute video. You won’t regret it.

How To Watch YouTube Videos With Friends Online! (At The Same Time)

These features will enable you to watch all kinds of videos such as movies, games or sports. The best part is the feeling of being able to watch through the same screen with your friends despite not necessarily being in the same room with them. All you need to do is identify which app will work best for you and start experimenting. There are many YouTube influencers who make video reactions while collaborating with other influencers using the YouTube screen sharing method. It has become a trend in the 21st century today.