One of the best ways to optimize one’s videos on YouTube is by leveraging YouTube Tags. But what are tags on YouTube, why they are so important, how to add them to one’s YouTube videos, and the best ways to take benefit from them, are a few basics all beginners need to know to use YouTube tags for their advantage?So, let’s get started!

What Are Tags On YouTube?

YouTube tags or tags on YouTube refer to phrases or words one can include in the description of one’s YouTube videos. These tags on YouTube will help YouTube viewers know more about one’s YouTube videos and also aid them in grabbing a higher rank in the YouTube search results.

what are tags on YouTube

YouTube tags will basically help describe one’s video and also offer more context to help viewers find one’s content. These tags are considered some of the most important ranking factors in terms of the YouTube search algorithm.

Why Are Tags On YouTube So Important?

The tags on YouTube help the platform grasp one’s video’s context and content more appropriately. These tags enable YouTube to understand one’s video category and topic more specifically. YouTube can then easily associate the video to similar content videos, and eventually, amplify the reach of one’s YouTube video. However, the rise of semantic search has reduced the significance of YouTube tags in the present day. But tags on YouTube surely serve as a great strategic element that YouTube content creators can use to their advantage.

When it comes to search engine optimization on YouTube, the title of the YouTube video, the description of the video, and the thumbnail hold a lot more significance as compared to tags on YouTube. However, some studies do indicate that there might be a slightly positive relationship between one’s YouTube video ranking and keyword-optimized tags on YouTube. Thus, neglecting tags on YouTube is not that big of a deal-breaker, but tags on YouTube surely can help a bit.

The importance of tags on YouTube becomes all the more relevant when one’s target keyword turns out to be misspelled. This enables YouTube content creators to tag any misspellings without having to include them in the description or title of the YouTube video.

How To Add Tags On YouTube?

The process of adding tags on YouTube is pretty simple. Although we are not very certain whether they will play a great role in the growth of one’s YouTube video or YouTube channel, adding tags on YouTube does make sense. Spending 10 to 15 minutes adding tags on YouTube is enough time because any more time will only be considered a wastage of time. The simple process is as follows:

  • Setting Primary Target Keyword As First Tag
  • Adding Relevant & Common Keywords From Some Top-Ranking Videos
  • Adding Keywords Relevant To Search Volume

What Are the Best Ways To Use Tags On YouTube?

To make the best use of the tags on YouTube to their fullest potential, below are some of the best tips and tricks to use tags on YouTube.

what are tags on YouTube

  • Make First Tag Target Keyword & Order Rest By Importance: YouTube pays to heed the very first tag to rank a video in the search results on the platform.
  • Use Keywords Specific To Topics Covered In Video: Focus on adding a broad tag that indicates the topic covered in the YouTube video to help them understand the true context of the video.
  • Keep Tags Between 2-3 Words: Although including those long-tail keywords is not a must, it is good to note that YouTube prefers 2 to 3-word tags more.
  • Keep Away From Going Overboard With YouTube Tags: Using a lot of tags can lead to great confusion for YouTube to understand the video context, the fewer tags the better.
  • Get Inspired From Auto-Suggest On YouTube: Auto-suggest on YouTube is a feature that aids YouTube users to find all those videos that match their preferences. So, look up any common keywords that could be used from here.
  • Get Inspired From All Higher-Ranking Videos: Planning to rank higher, then don’t forget to take a look at all those high-ranking videos. They would make a great starting point for information on tags on YouTube.


1. Do tags matter on YouTube?

No, tags do not matter much on YouTube. Even Google believes tags only play a tiny role in helping the target audience discover one’s video. But using keyword-focused tags can impact one’s search engine optimization in some way.

2. What are the best tags on YouTube?

Some of the best and most commonly used tags on YouTube are #youtube,

 #youtubechannel, #youtubers, #youtuber, #youtubevideos, #sub, #subscribe, #youtubevideo, and more.

3. What is the purpose of tags on YouTube?

Tags on YouTube or YouTube tags are phrases or words that YouTube content creators usually include in their descriptions. These tags on YouTube let YouTube viewers know more about one’s YouTube video content and also help them rank higher in YouTube search results.

4. What are some examples of tags on YouTube?

For instance, you have made a YouTube video about the health benefits of orange juice. Instead of single words such as “orange”, and “health”, one can use descriptive tags such as “orange juice health benefits and “is orange juice healthy.

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