What is the best time to post on YouTube? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. It is a very difficult question to answer but a complex one at the same time. Probably this is the most common question that comes to the minds of YouTubers along with the question of earning more subscribers and techniques of selling merchandise products. A person should be aware of the fact that it takes a lot of sweat, dedication, and hard work to create a video. But the effort can only turn out to be fruitful if the audience gets to know about it and it can only be known by the amount of audience engagement in that particular person’s videos.

If a person posts his videos at the right time and day, it can result in more involvement from the viewers. More involvement of the viewers will lead to better chances of becoming an influencer which will ultimately result in greater income from YouTube. But even after knowing all these, the question remains What is the best time to post on YouTube”? Well to answer this question, it will probably be safe to say that it depends on the person’s creativity and his creative thinking. It is because finding the most appropriate time to post videos on YouTube, as per the convenience of his subscribers or the viewers in general, can be a very intimidating task. Still, through this post, we will try to find out the best time to post videos on this platform in general and for an individual YouTuber as well.

What is the Best Time to Post on YouTube

The Best Time to Post Videos on YouTube

If we try to go by logic and find out what happens in general when it comes to posting videos on this platform, we will find out that-

  1. Sunday is the best overall day to upload a new video. The time range should be between 9 am-12noon. It is because the viewers generally are more relaxed during the weekends and thus one may expect more engagement from their side on YouTube. So, if one posts a video during the morning, he may just get more views and likes than he normally gets.
  2. The best days to post on YouTube are considered to be Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. It is because it tends to appear that the contents become more engaging among the audiences as the weekends come closer.

However, the days and times mentioned may or may not apply to an individual. If one wants to find out his own best time to upload a video, he has to continue reading this post further.

What is the Best Time to Post on YouTube Every Day?

Based on various statistics, it can be said that the best time to upload a video on YouTube on any given day is 3 pm. If we take all the seven days of a week under consideration, it is found that in the first three days of the week, the best time to post a video is between 2 pm and 4 pm. The best time to upload in the next two days of the week before coming to the weekends can be considered between 12 pm and 3 pm. When it comes to the weekends, the time between 9 am and 11 am can be considered as the most accurate to upload a video on YouTube.

It is better to avoid the weekdays, especially on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. People remain busy with their work and their hectic daily schedules these days for which they give less amount of time on YouTube or any social media platforms. It is also advisable not to post or avoid posting a video in the early morning, say before 9 am or too late in the evening, like after 5 pm due to office hours and other mentioned reasons.

How to Find an Individual’s Best Time to Post on YouTube?

If a person wants to find out what is the best time to post on YouTube on his channel, the steps mentioned below can help him –

What is the Best Time to Post on YouTube

  1. First, the YouTube Studio has to be opened.
  2. Then he has to open the Analytics.
  3. After that, the Audience Tab needs to be opened.

In May 2020, the “When your viewers are you YouTube” feature was introduced which helped to find out the best day and time to upload a video. Unfortunately, this feature is only available to those uploaders who have gained a decent amount of popularity on this platform. Now this leaves a new YouTuber in a no man’s land as a result of which he has to rely heavily on the data provided by the YouTube studio analytics.

There are also a lot of permutations and combinations of the answers to this question. As YouTube is a global platform, the standard times vary in different parts of the world. So blindly following the data may not be useful all the time. It also depends on the type of content that a creator creates and what type of audience he has. If the channel is education-based, then it is better to post videos during the weekdays while if it is an entertainment channel, posting videos on the weekends may be the safest option.

it can be concluded saying that a new YouTuber can experiment by posting the videos at different times on different days of the week to find out the best answer to this question. The question may be the same for all the content creators but the answers to these questions are mostly different. No one is better to find out this answer than the person himself associated with it.

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