Unlisted On YouTube

There are videos you can find on  YouTube , but they’re not listed in the search results. They’re hidden videos that you might never even know existed. But what’s so special about them? Why would somebody want to hide them away from your standard search result?

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to keep their video off the public eye. Here are some of those reasons and how to access these secret videos.

What is Unlisted on YouTube?

youtube unlisted

Hidden videos are more of a novelty than anything else. However, there’re some practical reasons for using them. According to YouTube’s FAQs, you’re able to use unlisted videos if you only want certain people to be able to see your video(s).

One example would be if you have a YouTube channel that’s meant just for family and friends, you could post the link of your unlisted video(s) to them. They would be able to watch it anytime, unlike public videos that get buried underneath new uploads.

Unlisted videos are not completely hidden on YouTube, though. There are still ways for users to uncover them even if they’re not listed in the results. YouTube usually provides unlisted videos to people who have the link, so being able to find one is not a difficult task.

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How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos?

There are two ways to find unlisted videos on YouTube. The first way is to go through a video’s comments and try scrolling down until you see the option to “show more replies from this user.” Clicking on that will give you a list of all their other videos, which include those that are not public.

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The second way is by going up one level from where you’re currently viewing and looking for a link with a date on it. If you click on that, it will take you to the most recent page of that user’s videos, which includes ones that are not public.

Another way to look at it would be that YouTube treats normal videos as public information and unlisted videos as private information. If someone has a public YouTube channel, they can just type in a video’s title or relevant keywords, and it’ll show up.

For the most part, publicly listed videos are available to everyone on the website, provided they know what to type in.

But if you were looking for private information, say someone’s personal phone number or address, you wouldn’t be able to find that information just by typing their name into a search bar. You’d have to know their name or some other form of contact information before you could find a way to reach them.

With regards to YouTube videos, unlisted ones are basically private. If someone knows the link, they can watch it. Otherwise, they have no way of finding it unless they stumble upon it by chance or listen carefully when someone tells them about it.

Advantages of Unlisted Videos on YouTube

Unlisted videos can be helpful if you want to share a video with a specific person. They also offer better privacy because the video won’t show up in YouTube’s search results, and people who want to watch the video will need a direct link to it.

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They can also help if you’re not ready to make your videos public and want to test them out before uploading them or if you have content that is sensitive. It’s also a great way for tutorials, Q&A clips, or other content that should remain behind closed doors.

Disadvantages of Unlisted Videos on YouTube

The drawbacks to unlisted videos are that anyone who has the link, which you can share with others, can still watch it. This means people might see something they’re not supposed to, and it probably won’t be kept a secret for long.

Another drawback is that if you’re sharing the video with a large number of people, it’s likely that someone else will see the link and share it.

The last drawback is that if you want to place advertisements on videos, they can’t be unlisted since advertisers don’t like their ads playing on unseen videos. Some consider this a good thing because it would defeat the purpose of making the video private in the first place.


Unlisted videos on YouTube are an excellent way to share content that you don’t want the whole world to see. They’re also good for testing out your video before making it public, and they work well if you have sensitive material in them, like tutorials or Q&A clips.

If you do decide to make an unlisted video publicly available after all, be sure not to list any contact information since advertisers won’t show up on unseen videos.

The drawbacks of unlisted videos are that someone who has the link can still see it even though it’s private (unless there’s some type of code preventing this). Chances are, people might stumble upon the link accidentally while searching around.

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