YouTube Rewind is an annual event hosted by YouTube which gives an overview of that particular year’s viral videos on promos, events, music, or anything posted on YouTube. It started in December 2010 and was reasonably popular for the first two years. Each year the number of celebrities featuring in the event increased. In 2010, it showcased the Top 10 popular YouTube videos of the year. It is posted on YouTube trends and the YouTube spotlight.

Impact of YouTube on Video watching: From 2005 to 2022, seventeen years from its debut, it has entertained us, and brought us together. It has brought us closer as a world than any air travel industry.  With more than 150 million viewers, reaching 91 countries in 80 different languages is probably one of the most powerful social media.

Reminiscing YouTube Rewind

The YouTube rewind 2012 is ranked the best of all the Rewinds. The reason being is that it was different from other rewinds and it completely revolutionized the video content. The video was titled: ‘Gangnam’ style and crossed one billion views. The channel creators can buy views to cement their position on YouTube social media. The Rewind featured a mash-up of cultural highlights of the year 2018 but unfortunately, it backfired and was disliked by several people.  That year for the first time YouTube Rewind was open to viewers’ comments. It backfired with the viewers not responding to the program and set forth the closure of YouTube Rewind in 2019. What is YouTube Rewind?

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What happened to YouTube Rewind in 2018?

YouTube Rewind for the year 2018 was a debacle with backlash.  It opened with fanfare and was called Everyone Controls Rewind. It was the annual rewind video that was uploaded for the ninth-year edition. It featured several gamers as well as celebrities and displayed special effects and action sequences. If you are a YouTube channel creator and want to be ranked at the top, you can hire a social media manager.


What is YouTube Rewind

The criticism for the YouTube Rewind was overwhelming and it attracted 10 million dislikes for the video was high enough to be called the Worst YouTube Rewind video to date. It was criticized for featuring unpopular creators and outdated trends. And excluding popular YouTubers. People felt that there was a bias towards a section of celebrities. However, its animated sequences were praised but the appearances of celebrities in the video were trolled.   It was started to showcase successful YouTubers. If you want your channel to be successful, you can get more engagement with the audience.

Lessons learned from YouTube Rewind 2018

After getting the distinction of the most disliked video in YouTube Rewind history, YouTube took a much different approach to YouTube Rewind 2019. The new video focused on the creators by sharing statistics like the number of views on the most popular uploads of the year.

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With 17 million dislikes, YouTube could have pushed it under the carpet. However, YouTube confronted its failure and gained the respect of its audience. Customer is the God and if a large sampling population does not like the same content, it is ill-advised to ignore it. The criticism can be against a magnum opus or a small shot on the internet, if it is disliked then it makes sense to take some lessons from that failure. Know more about What is YouTube Rewind?

Redemption in 2019:  YouTube Rewind wanted to erase the nightmare of 2019 and decided to reboot with new content. For 2019, Rewind decided to connect with the people by trying something out of the bag. They decided against celebrities or influencers. They made a list of the year’s top hits and clips and from that data and invited some of them. They tried to create videos that were unique and entertaining. But yet it did not work with its faithful fans.

After the debacle of Rewind 2018, the next two years the program was stalled because of the COVI 19 pandemic. The major criticism about Rewind was that it tried to bring glamour but ignored the worthy creators and trends, even though the video itself was 8 minutes long. Here is all about What is YouTube Rewind.

Flashbacks of discontented viewers

In October 2021, Officially YouTube discontinued Rewind stating that YouTube preferred to focus on trends that make YouTube unique and an experience like never felt before. The reality is that Rewind was struggling from the time of its inception and the 2018 Rewind was viciously trolled and disliked, that it was just a natural process to shut it down. What is YouTube Rewind?

For a mega-franchise such as Google and its partner companies, it was surprising that Rewind failed. The video was intended to celebrate and commemorate YouTube and its creators. It was an homage to the success of YouTube. They failed to connect with the viewers. Probably t was just wrong timing. No matter the reason, YouTube will continue to entertain us with its awesome platform. Maybe they will come back again with Rewind or some other equivalent program. Here is all about What is YouTube Rewind?

This Story from YouTube sends home those new things that have to be attempted irrespective of the result. YouTube gave a proper closure to the Rewind saga. However, YouTube is still the place to go for video streaming and there are several ways to make your video popular by reaching to a larger population.