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In 2005, a trio of young entrepreneurs set out to make the world’s first video-sharing site. It was an ambitious goal, and they were confident that it would be successful.

But little did they know what was in store for them as time went on. They had no idea how their lives would change or how YouTube would go from being just another website to one of the most visited websites in history with over 1 billion users each month.

Yet despite all this success, there is still something missing: profits. The company may have been acquired by Google at the end of 2006 for $1.65 billion. However, now their advertising revenue has decreased significantly and, if not reversed soon, will spell disaster for both YouTube and Google alike (unless it can find a new source of revenue or a buyer.)

What was the First Video on YouTube?

first video on youtube

In 2005, the first YouTube video was uploaded by Jawed Karim. It is a 19-minute-long clip of elephants at a zoo in Thailand called “Me at the zoo.” What’s interesting about that fact is that no one knows why it was even made.

There has been plenty of speculation as to why he might have made it. Some believe that the reason was that he thought the elephants were cute and wanted to share them with his friends back home.

Others think that maybe he had a crush on one of the female elephant handlers and wanted to show her off (he’s married now, so this theory is most likely false). But as of right now, the actual reason is still unknown.

However, despite not knowing what his intentions were with uploading it, there are some things we do know about him. For example, he was the first person to ever upload a video on YouTube.

He uploaded it on April 23, 2005, and to this very day remains as the only video in the “Me at the zoo” playlist. He also had some grievances with YouTube in the past, including uploading other videos that were taken down or how he was kicked out of the company for reasons unknown to him.

Despite this, he’s still doing well. For one thing, after leaving Google/YouTube, he went on to co-found another video sharing site called WireDoo, Inc. but currently is working at another company called e-Bridge in Thailand.

Popularity of the First YouTube Video

Regarding the popularity of this video, it was one of the most-watched videos on YouTube for a few years until people started uploading more videos to YouTube that focused on entertainment rather than educational purposes.

Nowadays, it has over 21 million views and is considered to be the 9th most-viewed YouTube video of all time. And while millions enjoy watching it, one of the most-watched new videos on YouTube was uploaded just 5 years later. It focuses on that very same elephant enclosure at the zoo in Thailand.

So, let’s take a look at how far Jawed Karim has come since uploading his first video on YouTube.

Life of the First YouTuber

About a year after uploading his first video, Jawed decided to make a second one with a fellow college graduate named Steve Chen. The two of them co-founded YouTube later that same year in October 2005 with Chad Hurley.

A few months following this event, they received an investment from some venture capitalists for $3.5 million, and almost two years later, Google ended up acquiring YouTube for $1.65 billion in October of 2006. However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

For one thing, just a few months before Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion, Jawed decided to leave the company. He was frustrated over some copyright issues where his videos were being taken down because of it.

It is unknown why he was displeased with this. But regardless, he left YouTube in March of 2007 to go on to co-found another video-sharing website called WireDoo, Inc.

On this website, people could upload their videos in an organized fashion so that users would have a better idea of what they were in for when they clicked on a video.

The Beginning of WireDoo

As of December 2012, WireDoo had just about 1,000 visitors per day, which wasn’t bad. But it still didn’t compare to the number of views that YouTube got every single day.

To give you an idea of just how popular YouTube is versus WireDoo, consider the fact that YouTube gets about 100 million more monthly users than WireDoo. Also, the number of videos that are uploaded to YouTube each hour is about 2,400, while on WireDoo, it’s just around 1.

Not only that, when you consider the fact that most people watch videos online in general from Google-owned sites such as YouTube or Gmail, it really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that WireDoo isn’t that popular.

And while he may not be with YouTube anymore, Jawed Karim is still doing just fine. For one thing, after leaving WireDoo, he went on to do some consulting work. There, he helped his clients with their online videos and how to get more out of them.

He did this for several years until he finally made his return back to Thailand in 2011. He is currently living with his family near the Eastern Seaboard region.

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