Just about everyone has come across one of the DIY videos from the "5-MINUTEN-TRICKS" channel on Facebook, Instagram or even YouTube. Often these short and crisp videos are very captivating for the moment and encourage you to emulate them.

5 Minuten Tricks 5-Minuten-Tricks

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DIY made quick and easy

DIY made quick and easy

Almost everyone knows this situation: You see a so-called “DIY video” on the Internet, but it is much too time-consuming to make this at home just quickly after. Exactly this “problem has now some time ago already taken a German channel. The channel “5-MINUTEN-TRICKS” shows now for several years in its videos “DIY projects” which you can make in a short time and often without many materials at home. But where does this channel actually come from and who or what is behind it?

First of all, to solve a basic communication problem, the meaning of the abbreviation “DIY” needs to be clarified. Translated, “DIY” means Do It Yourself and means nothing more than, do it yourself. So-called “DIY videos” show projects, which and especially how to implement them yourself without buying the finished products in the nearest market.

Generally speaking, the “5-MINUTEN-TRICKS” channel is a “German-language” offshoot “Lifehack” channel. This results from the fact that the original parent channel is English-language. This is called “5-Minute-Crafts” and is based in Cyprus. In fact, this channel now has well over 62 million subscribers on the YouTube channel alone. The Mother Channel was founded in 2016 and was able to gain very high profile very quickly. Serviceh the parent channel and the German-language channel belong to the Limassol-based company “TheSoul Publishing”. This company employs over 550 people, all of whom work on and manage various YouTube channels and Facebook pages. It is thus clear that the German-language channel is firmly linked to the English-language parent channel, since Serviceh are subordinated to the same company.

The “5-MINUTE TRICKS” channel was launched on November 27, 2017, barely a year after the English-language channel was created. The first video on the channel “5-MINUTE-TRICKS” was released just a few days after its inception on November 30, 2017 and was titled: ” 17 GENIAL MAKEUP HACKS, TRICKS AND IDEAS”. Already “back then” the channel laid the foundation for the career in Germany with the first video and gave a clear direction in which direction the future videos will go.

Since then, the channel “5-MINUTEN-TRICKS” mainly publishes DIY, tips and lifehack videos. The focus is mainly on the fact that all “projects” can be implemented in a short time, in the best case within five minutes.

All videos on the channel are shot and published, as far as possible, in the so-called “point-of-view” perspective. This means that only the hands of the people acting in the video can be seen.

Another special feature of the channel “5-MINUTEN-TRICKS” is that none of the videos are commented with an “off-voice”. All suggestions and instructions are conveyed to the viewer by means of a text inserted in the video. Thus, language barriers are skilfully circumvented and this concept seems to work. Furthermore, what is shown is visualized only pictorially.

The German-language channel is also building on the success of the parent channel and has also been able to show very rapid growth.



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