Quite a few channels on YouTube offer gaming content of all kinds. So does the channel "Debitor" which, however, manages to stand out from the crowd through its person and its content.

Debitor Debitor

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Gaming with wit and charm

Gaming with wit and charm

Let’s Plays and videos which are more in the category of gaming, there are on YouTube like sand by the sea. In this large mass to manage to stand out or if one is already known, not to go down in this mass is not quite as easy as it may sound at first. A channel that has mastered this balancing act very well for several years is “Debitor”. Over the course of the last few years he has managed to build up an enormous audience and has been keeping them happy on a regular basis ever since. But few of his viewers are likely to know more about him or the origins of his main channel.

The real name of the face behind the channel “Debitor” is Peter Büttinghaus. Peter was born on 03 January 1981 and is therefore already 39 years old. Alongside a few colleagues of this age, he thus clearly belongs to the older generation of channels represented on YouTube.
Furthermore, Peter grew up together with four siblings in their parents’ house in Essen. Two of his brothers also run successful YouTube channels under the synonyms “GermanLetsPlay” and “SibstLP”. After his school career Peter started and finished an apprenticeship as a master car mechanic and worked in this profession for a few years before he started his YouTube career.

Since April 2005 Peter is married to his wife Daniel Büttinghaus, who also runs a very successful YouTube channel. To finally fill the happiness of the two, their first son Noah was born on November 03, 2015.

Generally speaking, the channel “Debitor” is a German Let’s Play channel on which mainly gaming content is published. The channel “Debitor” became famous through his Let’s Plays of the RPG sandbox game Minecraft, of which he published several videos on his channel.

Peter founded the channel “Debitor” on October 04, 2010 and thus represents one of the early gaming channels. However, as things stand today, Büttinghaus did not release his first video until almost half a year later on January 14, 2011. This one was titled: “Dead Rising 2 – #02 – Coop Mode Problems | DEBITOR” and was already a Let’s Play of the game “Dead Rising 2”. However, you can already tell by the title of the video that this wasn’t his very first, as this was the second episode of a video series. At that time the channel was also called “DebitorLP” which he later changed to “Debitor”.

In the early days of his channel, Peter made a conscious decision not to show himself on camera, only filming his screen and commenting on it. He first appeared on August 12, 2012 in a video he recorded in reference to the “Gamescom” trade show in Cologne, Germany, announcing that he could be found there.

In addition to his main channel “Debitor”, Büttinghaus also actively operates other channels. These include his technology channel “DebiTech” with almost 14,000 subscribers and his Let’s Play channel “DebiSim” with almost 26,000 subscribers on which he mainly publishes Let’s Plays about simulation games. Also on his main channel as well as the technology channel Peter publishes from time to time vlogs from his life or on given occasions to experiences.

On the main “Debitor” channel alone, new videos appear almost daily. Büttinghaus also fills his other two channels with new content almost daily. The Debitor channel already has well over 800,000 subscribers who eagerly follow its new daily content.



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