Most of the spectators of Fabio Schäfer would not dare to watch any of his downhill runs. However, this is exactly what makes him and his videos special. In his videos Fabio Schäfer documents his often very extreme mountain bike rides.

Fabio Schaefer Fabio Schäfer

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A mountain biker of the extreme kind

A mountain biker of the extreme kind

In recent years, so-called sports channels on YouTube have been getting more and more attention. The pioneers are mainly those who are active in extreme sports. Thus, the channel “Fabio Schäfer” managed to gain more and more popularity in recent years.

Generally speaking, Fabio Schäfer is a German sports or bike youtuber. In his videos he shows mainly, extreme experiences with the bike. It doesn’t matter if he only rides “extreme” tours or outdoor or downhill with his bike. His motto is to go beyond his limits and have extreme experiences. The protagonist and channel operator’s real name is also Fabio Schäfer. His exact date of birth and therefore his exact age are unknown.

He already founded his channel “Fabio Schäfer” on 03 June 2010. On the same day, he also released his first video, which was titled. “Blessed By Hate – Headshot – 11.10.2008 @ Jam Club, Koblenz, Germany” carried. If you look at the channel history, you’ll notice that the first videos of the channel have nothing to do with the later videos of the channel, purely in terms of content.
Schäfer published the first bike video that corresponds to his current content on August 15, 2010. This one was titled: “Test Go Pro HD Headcam – Mountainbike Dirt Jump – Jannik Hammes”. In this video he was not documenting himself but another person, unlike his subsequent videos.

The special thing about the channel “Fabio Schäfer” and about his person is that he is mostly offroad in his videos with his bike. For example, he rides in wooded areas on very uneven and often dangerous terrain, which stimulates and engages Serviceh his thrill and that of the audience. He had the luck, with his channel and his contents a quite competitionless genre has and could thus its admittingness very fast on and also develop.

In the course of his channel and his career he also starts extreme and elaborate projects and tours again and again. For example, the 355-kilometer tour by bicycle from Cologne to Hanover, which he started and completed in 2020 together with Fritz Meinecke. He usually documents these tours in a longer video which appears after the tour and summarizes the entire tour. Also through his colleague and friend Fritz Meinecke, Fabio Schäfer could increase his own fame very much.

Today he has more than 247,000 subscribers on his channel, which he provides and entertains with weekly videos from the bike and sports sector.



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