Interviews have pretty much always been there. However, the channel "HOTBOX" skillfully combines interviews with international Hip Hop greats and the entertainment of the viewers.


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The interview of a different kind

The interview of a different kind

Just about every fan of an artist likes to watch interviews with his or her favorite artist. However, with conventional interviews, there is a danger that the content of the interviews can become quite boring for the viewer. This is what the format “HOTBOX” made its own and created an interview format in which the entertainment of the viewers is equal to the information to be learned. ‘

Generally speaking, the channel “HOTBOX” is the official channel of the interview format “HOTOBX” which is produced by “16Bars”. “16Bars” is an online rap magazine that also runs a YouTube channel, initially releasing the “HOTBOX” format among others.

The special thing about the channel / format “HOTBOX” is that mainly rappers and musicians from the hip hop scene are invited for interviews. On the other hand, the interviews always take place in a closed car, in which both the moderator and the interview guests consume cannabis and thus hotbox. This also explains where the name of the format and ultimately the channel comes from.

The protagonist and host of the format “HOTBOX” is from the beginning the rapper “Marvin Game”. Due to his own career, his appearance and his own person is very authentic and therefore very popular with the audience.

The first episode of the format was released on July 19, 2017 on the “16Bars” channel and was titled: “Juice WRLD – I Don’t Like | Hotbox Freestyle (16BARS.TV).” However, with this video, it’s important to note that this is just a clip from an upcoming episode of the “HOTBOX” format. This video was followed by regular complete interviews and musical excerpts from them on the channel “16Bars”. Very quickly, this format was able to gain notoriety and, above all, popularity among viewers. At times, episodes of “HOTBOX” on the “16Bars” channel could garner up to a million views.

In 2019, the “HOTBOX” format was moved to the channel of the same name. This was already established on 16 January 2012. However, the first episode of the “HOTBOX” format on this kana did not appear until September 19, 2019 and was titled: “A Jib with…GReeeN | HOTBOX”. This video was a short interview with the musician “GReeeN”, which is so untypical for the format concept of “HOTBOX”. As before, the “HOTBOX” format is produced by “16Bars” and published on the “HOTBOX” channel of the same name.

If you take a look at the “HOTBOX” channel today, you will see that it is still very active. Two new videos usually appear on this channel every week. Below that, in most cases, you’ll find a clip from the upcoming interview as well as the “HOTBOX” interview itself. The channel now has well over 66,600 subscribers, although it should be noted that the trend is rising sharply, due to the popularity of the format already on the channel “16Bars”.



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