Already at a young age "Jonah Plank" was interested in photos and videos and the editing of them. Today he can live from this hobby at that time and was able to build up a very big fame with it.

Jonah Plank Jonah Plank

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In photos and videos lies his passion

In photos and videos lies his passion

In the German YouTube scene, numerous different channels in various genres have developed in recent years. With this variety and mass of offerings, it is important to stand out from the crowd with your videos and content and thus convince viewers of yourself and your channel. The channel “Jonah Plank” managed to do this with his videos and has been winning over the masses for several years now.

In very general terms, “Jonah Plank” is a German YouTuber, influencer and web video producer. The real name of the operator and protagonist of the channel “Jonah Plank” is also Jonah Plank. An exact date of birth of Jonah is not yet known, which also means that his age cannot be determined exactly. However, a look at the channel information of the channel “Jonah Plank” reveals that it says that he is 22 years old. However, the question is how up-to-date it is and, above all, how regularly it is updated. Jonah’s age can thus be estimated to be around early to mid-20s based on this information.

What makes Jonah and his channel “Jonah Plank” so special is the quality of his videos. A further look at the channel info also shows that this quality is based on years of experience. Ever since he was a kid Jonah has been very interested in photography and filming, the channel information reads, “Hi my name is Jonah Plank, I’m 22 years old and I’ve been filming and taking pictures since I was 11.” This fact suggests that Jonah has gained a lot of experience in film and photography, which he can now incorporate into his videos and make them more qualitative.

Jonah founded his channel “Jonah Plank” back on 09 August 2015. The first video on this channel appeared, as of today, however, only a few months later on December 06, 2015 and was titled: “📷 Best CAMERAEQUIPMENT under 1000€ for FIRST TIMERS!”. Already back then in this first video he put a lot of emphasis on quality and his video good and especially cheap equipment for this very high quality. Generally speaking, the focus on the channel “Jonah Plank is predominantly on film and photography, as well as technology gadgets related to this topic. In his overall career, this focus did not change and built his knowledge in the field of technology further. With increasing awareness, he was then also able to establish contacts in the already existing German scene. So you can find numerous videos on his channel, in which he works cooperatively with his friend and colleague “Felixba”. Jonah Plank” was also able to profit from the latter’s very high profile and expand his own fame.

If you look at the channel “Jonah Plank” today you will see that he is still very active on the web video platform YouTube and his channel.

7He still publishes a new video at least once a week, which also revolves around camera technique and features, as well as film and photography. With his videos, Jonah has now managed to attract well over 88,900 subscribers on his channel “Jonah Plank”.



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