Within the last few years, YouTuber "kelly" is taking off on her channel. But she didn't just get into the business yesterday, quite the opposite! She has been running her channel for several years now with great success.

Kelly missesVlog Kelly missesVlog

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From beauty to entertainment videos, there's everything on her channel.

From beauty to entertainment videos, there's everything on her channel.

If you look around in today’s German YouTube scene, some smaller or larger groups can be identified. Always there, the young woman and infulencer “kelly” or as most on YouTube still know her “MissesVlog”.

No matter if on formats of YouTubers like “Julien Bam” or “Rezo” or even on the internet youth channel of Funk in its own format. But the young woman is also taking off on her own channel and is always on the ball to expand her reach even further.

Another interesting point is also the private life of the young influencer. Her real name is “kelly” Kelly Svirakova and she was born on 09 July 1993 in Fürth. So she is already 26 years old. Furthermore, it is already recognizable from her name that, in addition to German roots, she is also of Czech descent.
Based on her rather young age, one could assume that she does not have a long experience on YouTube. However, this is completely flawed. Because she started her career back in 2010. She founded her channel back on August 23, 2010. It is important to know that she was only 17 years old at that time and was also still under a lot of stress at school. It was not until three years later, in 2013, that she graduated from high school, thus completing her schooling for the time being. This is also shown by her videos at that time, which at first sight seem to be quite haphazard, chaotic and above all irregular. This impression is also confirmed by her first video at that time. This one was titled: “The outsiders want to see us dance!” and was, as the title suggests, a very chaotic video, which only served the entertainment of the then still quite small audience. In the further course the videos appear further very unscheduled and chaotic, however, so slowly but surely clear formats were recognizable. This is how the format “Kelly kommentiert Kommentare” (Kelly comments on comments) and several other formats developed. At that time her channel was still called “MissesVlog” which she recently renamed to “kelly”.

After graduating from high school in 2013, she was able to focus on her YouTube career. However, she already managed to build up a considerable number of viewers and fans in the previous three years. Thus, in 2013, it did not start completely from scratch but already had some subscribers to show. Since 2013 there are now fixed formats, which by the way have existed and continue until today. The formats on “kelly’s” channel are as follows, her videos appear three days a week. On Tuesdays, an episode of the “Kelly Comments” format appears. In it she answers the comments of her viewers at the end of each episode. On Thursdays, the format “Wochenrückklick” appears in which “kelly” tells her viewers about her week, or even lets them share her experiences in the form of vlogs. Every Sunday is the so-called “Theme Sunday”. In these videos “kelly” either talks about current topics or simply tries out new video ideas. She has been strictly following this clear and tag tied division of her formats since 2013 and will continue to do so.

Furthermore “kelly” was already to be seen some times in the German television. These were often formats of the station Prosieben such as “TV-Total” or “The Prosieben Winter Games”. Until recently, she also hosted the Internet magazine “Guten Morgen Internet” (Good Morning Internet) together with her colleague “Sturmwaffel” on the public youth channel Funk.

Nowadays, “kelly” has thus already been able to build up a considerable audience. She has already collected over 1.9 million subscribers on her channel, who regularly follow and distribute her new content.



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