After the trio "ApeCrime" split up, Jan Meyer clearly put on his own channel "OHMEYGOD". With this, he managed to generate a very big hype around himself once again and fills his channel with brand new content.


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DER FRAGENHAGEL and many more formats

DER FRAGENHAGEL and many more formats

Many of the viewers of “ApeCrime” were shocked to learn that a breakup of the trio was imminent. Some thought that this was the multimedia end of the three protagonists. But you thought wrong. The actors’ careers continue flawlessly on their own channels. For example, the channel “OHMEYGOD” has been very polarizing lately. When you see this channel name, you first wonder who is behind it and especially what content is on this channel.

The channel “OHMEYGOD” is the private main channel of Jan-Christoph-Meyer who already became very famous through the channel “ApeCrime”. Jan was born on 20 May 1990 and is therefore already 30 years old.

Generally speaking, Jan is a German YouTuber and web video producer. While on the channel “ApeCrime” the focus was clearly on the comedy and entertainment videos, Jan is on his own channel “OHMEYGOD” contentwise freer and can live out so more. However, the idea that Jan founded his own channel only now after the separation from “ApeCrime” is clearly wrong.

Jan founded the channel “OHMEYGOD” back on February 15, 2019. At this point, the trio was still producing videos together and thus the focus was not yet on their own channel. The first video on the channel “OHMEYGOD” appeared on March 06, 2019 and was titled: “Introducing you to my FRIEND! | OHMEYGOD” and formed a video in which he took a deeper look into his privacy. Generally speaking, the channel “OHMEYGOD” is for Jan after several years a platform on which he can live himself and his content more freely. So Jan publishes on this channel initially mainly videos of entertainment and also some more serious videos. Among them were challenges, real life stories as well as several other entertainment videos.

However, it also remains to mention that a unique format was established on the channel “OHMEYGOD” within a short period of time. It is a question video in which Jan asks himself and several other colleagues questions in a kind of interview and they have to answer them spontaneously. However, the highlight is that these questions are also often very private or profound and therefore very exciting for quite a few viewers. This question format clearly represents the most successful video series on its own main channel. First published this format on September 15, 2019. This video was titled: ” How much do you earn per month? – Questions with Ana, Cengiz and Abdel” and already showed the potential of this format. Since then, this format has appeared regularly and forms pretty much the main part of the channel.

Besides this main channel Jan also runs a vlog channel called “JAUSE” on which he documents travels and experiences.

On the channel “OHMEYGOD” at least one new video is released every week which needs quite a few days of work. With his own videos, Jan has already managed to acquire well over 379,000 subscribers, who follow his regular videos with excitement.



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