Already at a young age "PIA" started to publish her first videos on her YouTube channel. As time went on, she changed as did her videos and through Instagram she rose to very high fame.


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From Instagram personality to YouTube celebrity

From Instagram personality to YouTube celebrity

Since the early days of the web video platform YouTube, numerous channels and influencers have been publishing their videos and content in various genres. However, with an increasing offer it is also more and more difficult to distribute one’s own content and videos and to become successful with them. One of the channels that managed to do this is the channel “PIA”.

Generally speaking, “PIA” is a German influencer and web video producer who classifies her videos and content primarily in the genre of lifestyle videos. However, it is worth mentioning in advance that it is not through these videos and content to gain notoriety on the web video platform YouTube and on the social media platform Instagram. She gained fame mainly through her musical content and videos, which she started very early and in which she mainly sings.

Little is publicly known about the person behind the channel “PIA” so far. For example, so far it is only known that her real name is Pia and that she comes from Osnabrück in North Rhine-Westphalia. However, her civil surname as well as her exact date of birth and thus her exact age is not known yet. However, her age can be estimated to be around early to mid-20s based on her appearance, demeanor, and content. In addition to her YouTube channel, Pia also actively runs an Instagram account called “xapiaxa” where she has gained well over 46,000 subscribers.

Pia founded her YouTube channel back on August 19, 2009. The first video on this channel was published on 08 January 2010 and was titled: “Tomorrow performed by Pia”. In the beginning Pia published on her channel mainly singing videos of herself, at a very young age as can be seen on the videos. Already with these videos Pia managed to build up her fame bit by bit and to expand it in the following. Also over the years, Pia kept posting singing videos of different genres on her channel. However, it should also be mentioned that Pia got older over the years and thus changed as well. The change in herself also resulted in a change in the videos and content on her channel. Nevertheless, Pia always remained true to herself and changed her content and videos only because of her changing interests.

If you look at the channel “PIA” today, you will notice a significant growth of it. Furthermore, it is noticeable that the focus of “PIA” itself and its videos is now clearly on the genre of lifestyle videos. While she does post a singing video on her channel every now and then, the lifestyle videos clearly take up the majority of the channel now. If one looks then more exactly on the channel so one determines that according to channel banner every second day a new video is to appear. A look at the history, however, shows that on average one new video is published on the channel “PIA” every week. With her videos, Pia has managed to gain over 245,000 subscribers on her channel.



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