On YouTube, he is now one of the older generation. Still, his content, which is broadly related to vlogs and gaming, can certainly keep up with that of the younger generation.

Sarazar Sarazar

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Music, gaming and vlogs united by one person.

Music, gaming and vlogs united by one person.

If you know the YouTuber and the original “Gronkh”, you can’t get past him. Together they have created, managed and finished several events and companies. We are of course talking about the YouTuber, streamer, entrepreneur as well as musician “Sarazar”. But how did it all come about , who is behind the art figure and what does “Sarazar” do today ?

Sarazar’s real name is Valentin Matthias Rahmel and he was born on 27 February 1984 in Dormagen. Thus, he is already 35 years old and, like his colleague and friend “Gronkh”, belongs to the rather older caliber on YouTube.

His career began very early in 1999 at the age of 15. At that time he founded the online platform “Online-Rollenspiel.de” together with his brother, which was renamed to “MMORPG-Planet.de” already in 2003. Thus, he was able to gain some experience in the field of entrepreneurship as well as in the online and video game sector at a young age. It was therefore only a matter of time before it spread further into these areas.

A few years later, in February 2009 to be exact, he founded the so-called “PlayMMassive GmbH” with his friend and colleague Erik Range aka “Gronkh” whose managing director and shareholder he still is today. The company of the two YouTube veterans markets several web video artists as well as various websites and other internet portals offer the company several editorial contents, which “PlayMMassive GmbH” then deals with and processes. However, Valentin Rahmel has also invested in a number of other companies and is capitalising on this today. He is also co-founder of the music label “Aerochrone”, which promotes young DJ talents and co-organizes several festivals and events.

In 2010, December 15 to be exact, Rahmel started his YouTube channel called “Sarazar”. With the founding of the channel in 2010, he thus created an art figure that still exists today and is very popular with Serviceh young and older viewers.

As of today, he published his first video on the channel “Sarazar” but he barely two months later. On February 09, 2011, a video titled: “Let’s Play Crysis #001 [Deutsch] [HD]” was released. As you could already see from the title, this video was a Lets Play. And this was exactly the genre “Sarazar” was planning to serve on YouTube. This is exactly what he did from then on and published Lets Plays, Gameplays or even Livestreams of all games on his channel. It might have been his style or just the games he chose but no matter how, his videos caught on very quickly and the channel “Sarazar” became very famous.

In the course of time, “Sarazar” organized together with his friend and colleague “Gronkh” several livestream events such as the “Last Man Standing” in 2013 or the “Lets Play together” events. Also on events like the “Lets Play Poker” events “Sarazar” was to be seen already some times.
With time, however, each of his viewers could see that he had little time for his Internet presence, such as YouTube, due to his several other projects. He then confirmed this himself in 2018 and announced that he would be thinning out his videos and livestreams somewhat but not doing away with them completely.

If one takes a look at the channel “Sarazar” today, this can be confirmed. Although videos appear less frequently now, the content on offer has grown considerably. Besides the gaming content, which he now publishes less frequently, he also documents his travels, as well as several events. But not only its content has changed significantly. Also the number of his viewers, has increased by quite a bit. In the meantime, “Sarazar” has acquired well over 1.9 million subscribers, who follow his rather irregular videos with great joy and sympathy.



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