Their videos have always made them stand out from the crowd. Despite this, the channel "SPACE FROGS" has never lost its relevance and has always been able to prevail against the competition.

Space Frogs Space Frogs

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Your goal: Bringing the relevant back to the fore!

Your goal: Bringing the relevant back to the fore!

In the German YouTube scene, there are some greats who, in addition to their sometimes very high profile, can also demonstrate a very long presence on this platform and thus bring a lot of experience with them. In addition to greats such as “Gronkh” or “LeFloid”, the channel “SPACE FROGS” also belongs in this series. Despite this sometimes very long presence, the personal backgrounds of the people behind the channels and their careers on YouTube are often unknown.

The “SPACE FROGS” are, in general terms, a German comedy duo who spread out on several channels and publish their videos and content. Furthermore the “SPACE FROGS” consist of the protagonists Steve and Rick.
Steve’s real name is Steven Schuto and he was born on 02 November 1991 and is therefore already 27 years old. His colleague and friend Rick’s real name is Fabian Rieck and he was born on 23 February 1992 and is therefore already 27 years old.

On their channels, and so also on the channel “SPACE FROGS”, the two publish mainly self-made sketch films and other comedy videos.

Besides the channel “SPACE FROGS” there were and are other channels like the vlog channel called “SPACE RADIO” as well as a gaming channel called “SPACE GAMING”. However, the channels “SPACE FROGS” and “SPACE RADIO” changed over time due to their sometimes very different notoriety.

The channel “SPACE FROGS”, which was formerly called “SPACE RADIO”, was launched on October 28, 2011. When she then renamed the channel to “SPACE FROGS”, they both decide from then on to only publish their videos on this channel. The channel “SPACE RADIO” was renamed to “DEAD FROGS” and became inactive. Quickly they both saw great potential in the channel “SPACE FROGS” and put all their energy and work into this channel. They have since been publishing what they call “types of” videos, travel vlogs, political videos, or even short films on this channel in addition to their sketch videos that have been around since the beginning. All previous videos from the channel “SPACE FROGS” and from the channel “SPACE RADIO” have been merged to the channel “SPACE FROGS” and are still available. This is precisely why they both continue to criticize the so-called YouTube algorithm and demand that it be improved so that their videos are also shown to viewers.

A main feature of the channel “SPACE FROGS” is the mascot, which also gives the channel its name. It is a somewhat stupid-looking frog stuffed animal which bears the name Eppo. Eppo is not only the name giver of the channel “SPACE FROGS” but also the avatar of the channel.

Eppo had his first “prominent” appearance in 2015, when the short film “Frogs in Space” was released on the channel “SPACE FROGS”.

Nowadays, new videos with a wide variety of content appear regularly on the “SPACE FROGS” channel. Among them are still short films, sketch videos or even politically motivated videos. The majority of all “SPACE FROGS” videos, however, are primarily for entertainment purposes.

On their channel “SPACE FROGS” Rick and Stev could collect and unite meanwhile far more than 1.1 million subscribers.



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