Gaming channels abound on YouTube and also in the German scene. However, "TrilluXe" clearly distinguishes itself from the others through its clearly focused content.


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Gaming is his specialty

Short headline

For very many viewers on YouTube, gaming is extremely important. Thus, in recent years, more and more channels have developed on the topic of gaming or directly entered the market with it. However, with this very large offer it is more than difficult to stand out from the crowd and especially not to get lost in it again. The YouTuber “TrilluXe” has been achieving this balancing act with his videos for several years.

Generally speaking, “TrilluXe” is a German YouTuber and streamer who focuses his videos and livestreams exclusively on gaming. However, the civil name of the protagonist and operator of the channel is still unknown. In all his videos and livestreams, however, he only ever introduces himself as “Trill”. He was born on 22 March 1993 and is therefore already 27 years old.

The channel “TrilluXe” was the first and for a long time the main channel of the 27 year old. He is mainly known for his gameplays of the game Counter Strike, which he has been publishing for more than seven years now. What was special about him and this channel was that he published his videos in English and thus appealed to a larger crowd. Nevertheless, he also managed to find acceptance in the German community and to make a name for himself there.

He founded the channel “TrilluXe” already on 31 August 2008. However, the first video on this channel appeared a few months later on 07 December 2008 and was titled: “TrilluXe on TMNF 2008”. The first video of the game Counter Strike then appeared on March 14, 2013. Since then, he has exclusively published videos of the shooter game on this channel.

In addition to this actual main channel, he also actively runs the channels “TrilluXeLive”, which was founded in 2014 and now has over 257,000 subscribers, as well as the channel “Auf die Couch!”, which was founded in 2020 and now has over 38,900 subscribers. However, the channel “TrilluXeLive” was not initially planned in the way he serves it today. Initially, the plan was to publish German-language content on this channel. If you look at it today, however, you’ll find that it’s now being used for livestream highlights by himself. Trill” uses the channel “On the couch!” primarily for all other games which do not fit into the category shooter. He actively runs both channels these days, as well as his livestream channel on the platform Twitch, and new videos appear on the channels almost daily.

The actual main channel of him “TrilluXe” he uses at the moment as good as not. Despite everything, this channel now has well over 673,000 subscribers, so his name is definitely a household name in the German gaming scene.



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