There are two types of options for accounts on LinkedIn. The basic free option and the Premium Paid option. The access of the user on the profile views on the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ dashboard is dependent on the account you are using. It also depends on the privacy settings of your account. This is an important factor which determine LinkedIn who viewed my profile.

Basic Free Account

The LinkedIn Basic account provide few features for its users. In the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ Section, one can get access to these limited features. For to see who viewed your profile one need to set his profile viewing options to display his or her name and headline in profile viewing options. He or she will be able to look at 5 viewers who had recently viewed the user’s profile in last 90 days. It also provides for a suggestions list to the user to increase views on his or her profile.

In basic account the option shows for such relevant information such as, where the viewers of the user’s profile work, where these viewers found the user’s profile and the job titles of the user’s viewers.  Your viewers can only increase if you have a large number of followers. You can increase number of followers just by buying them from amazing websites out there on the Internet.

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LinkedIn who viewed my profile

How one can set his or her profile viewing options to display his or her name and headline

This is an important step to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. Also, it is the first step on this guide of LinkedIn who viewed my profile. In the first step, the user is advised to search for Me icon on top of his or her LinkedIn homepage and then click on it. Following this, he or she must click on Settings & Privacy. Then by clicking on Visibility, he or she is advised to select Visibility of his or her Profile & Network. In the Visibility section, click to change Profile Viewing Options. Select what other users see, Among the options, the user must choose to show his or her name and headline. 

Premium Paid Account

The LinkedIn Premium Paid Account provide for many exclusive features for its users. In the LinkedIn Premium account, the user gets many features in the ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ option. All list of viewers who have viewed the profile of the user for the past 90 days can be seen. The viewer’s way of working and visiting the user’s profile shall also be visible to the user. He or she will also be able to see weekly trends of each viewer.

All trends and a summary report shall also be made available to the user along with the number of viewers who visited last week as well as a report in the increase and decrease of number of viewers since last week. A pictorial representation through graphs and visible data points to help the user better gauge the number of viewers who have visited his or her profile in that week. The user can click on both Hide Trends to hide the graph or can click on Show Trends to make the graph visible again. LinkedIn who viewed my profile option can help the user with this easily. These viewers must also like your posts. Just buy likes for your profile from such a range of websites available in the market. 


LinkedIn who viewed my profile

With a personalized report on who viewed your profile, the user can keep track of who is interested in his or her profile. Si es alguien que conoce o quiere conectar, entonces puede ayudar mucho a hacer y construir una red con él o ella.