Humans are creatures of habit. We like doing things our way and like things when they match the simple processing. So, it isn’t surprising that people are looking for ways how to use Instagram’s mobile view on PC. To be fair, the steps aren’t as complicated, especially if you have a preconceived idea about Chrome extensions and their user experiences.

When you are on your desktop and you want to use Instagram Mobile, the steps are pretty simple, not to mention that they are very accessible too. Given that Instagram is majorly a mobile-based application, suddenly using the desktop version can be a little confusing for some users.

This detailed guide walks you through the steps to get an Instagram mobile view on your desktop with a few simple steps.

how to use Instagram mobile view on PC

Steps to get Instagram Mobile on Chrome

When you are accessing Instagram from your desktop, we are assuming that you’d use Chrome as your standard browser because that’s what most users do. That said, getting the Instagram mobile view on Chrome is not as easy as it looks.

Here’s how you can get it.

  • Open your desktop’s Chrome browser and type in in the search bar
  • Once you open Instagram’s homepage, you need to log into the account
  • Following that, right-click anywhere on the screen and click “Inspect” from the drop-down menu
  • This will redirect you to the Developers Tool menu
  • On the top-left corner of the screen, you will find the mobile icon that you need to click on
  • Once you click on that, you can close the Developers Tool menu and return to the homepage
  • At this point, you won’t notice any difference. Refresh the page

Once done, the standard desktop version of Instagram should now be changed to the Instagram mobile version. This is how to use Instagram Mobile view on a PC. If you want to go back to the standard view, you’d have to click on Inspect again and repeat the same process.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Mobile View on PC?

Once you have gotten the Instagram mobile view on PC, you might be sitting here confused about the significance. Why would one even want to emulate the mobile version on a desktop app? Well, you aren’t the only person with this kind of thought.

Ideally, there are several reasons why users want to get the Instagram mobile view even on their desktops and the following are a few reasons why:

  • It’s convenient

One of the main reasons is convenience. When you are used to scrolling on the Instagram mobile version, suddenly switching to Instagram’s desktop version can make it confusing and difficult to use in the first go.

However, having the Instagram mobile view even on the desktop is a good way to combat the issue for good, especially when you are considering liking or commenting on posts and want the same level of comfort and user experience.

  • It is an easy switch

Contrary to popular beliefs, switching to the Instagram mobile view on your desktop is not a complicated process at all. It shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to get it sorted, especially if you know how to do them. How to use Instagram mobile view on PC.

So, why not, right? If you can have familiarity with your Instagram even while using it on your desktop, why would you not want to do it?

  • It functions the same

Many users, in the beginning, had a misconception that using Instagram mobile view on your PC won’t let you post your content, be it an image, video, etc. While it is true that you might not be able to post stories and reels via the desktop version of Instagram, there are no restrictions on the feed content.

You can directly upload your high-quality images and videos from your desktop into your Instagram account without any hassle at all. It is a fairly easy process and functions the same way as you’d do while using the actual mobile application.

Can I get the Instagram mobile feature on a Macbook?

If you thought that the Instagram mobile feature is only available for Windows, you are mistaken. It is the same process for MacBooks too. This is primarily because the device doesn’t matter. It is the browser that you are accessing Instagram from.

So, even on Macbooks, you can open Google Chrome, and go to Instagram and then to the Developer tools section to switch it to the mobile view.

Can I download the Instagram app to my laptop?

If you have a Windows laptop, then you are definitely in luck because they do offer a direct app download for Instagram. It has been made available very recently, all due to the raging demands among the users. The application is available for laptops with Windows 10 and above at this point.

Also, if you want to download and install the app on your laptop, we’d recommend that you do it from Windows’ official website to download the authentic apk.

how to use Instagram mobile view on PC

Still, wondering how to use Instagram mobile view on a PC? Well, we hope you aren’t because this detailed post gives you all the basics that you need to do. The Chrome extension method isn’t always a hit, so we’d recommend changing the layout from the Developers Tools menu only. This ensures ease of work and doesn’t compromise your user experience at all, which is always a benefit. How to use Instagram mobile view on PC.