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Comments add a whole different level to videos. Many YouTubers take pride in their comment section because it gives a place for people to express themselves and feel like they’re part of a bigger community.

Comments can be used to show support, give constructive criticism, or just to laugh with someone else who has seen the video. YouTube was created for videos and comments, but it seems that YouTube is slowly forgetting this by removing its comment section altogether. So, what’s going on? Let’s explore!

Where are the Comments on YouTube?

One of YouTube’s main features that were introduced in 2006 is the ability for users to comment on any video they wish.

While this feature allows people to interact with each other, it has also led to an “online disinhibition effect.” This means people behave differently when they know their actions aren’t being monitored.

People can comment on anything from music videos to news clips and the like. YouTube has made this possible for people to voice their opinions on different subjects.

However, sometimes this disinhibition effect can go a little too far and be negative rather than positive. Because of this, YouTube has decided to disable the comments feature in order to prevent cyberbullying and other similar things from happening.

People who wish to comment on a video have the opportunity to do this, but they just need to keep in mind that they can’t be rude or offensive towards others because their comments will not be posted.

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Why is YouTube Comments Feature Disabled?

comments feature on YouTube

One might wonder why the comments feature is only disabled for certain videos. However, it’s important to remember that YouTube has millions of users who are constantly posting new videos on a daily basis. While everyone should have freedom of speech, there can be consequences when you say something that is not appropriate.

Furthermore, the comments section has been flooded with spam and inappropriate images and videos. This is why YouTube has decided to disable this feature for a certain amount of time. This is until things settle down and people will be more responsible regarding their actions.

Some users believe that this is an act of censorship, but YouTube has stated that it’s because they value people’s safety and security. If the comments feature remains disabled for too long, then it could hurt viewership which causes less revenue to be generated.

YouTube has always been popular because of its users and how they can contribute to what other people are interested in. However, it’s crucial for them to maintain a level of responsibility.

Remember that your actions have consequences when you post something online. Therefore, make sure that whatever you do is appropriate and will not lead to negative outcomes.

Why are Comments on YouTube Important?

Comments on YouTube and other sites and social media networks are a way for people to connect with others. However, besides that, they can also be an important tool in helping to improve the quality of the site.

The user feels like someone is listening and cares about what he or she has to say. A lack of or too many negative comments can discourage users from posting videos or content at all. Por lo tanto, tener la cantidad adecuada de compromiso positivo es muy importante para que los espectadores vuelvan.

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Tener comentarios también ayuda a establecer la credibilidad, ya que los espectadores verán que hay otras personas que han visto el vídeo y pensaron que valía la pena su tiempo para dejar un comentario.

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