With their videos they have managed to serve a genre in the German-speaking YouTube scene that previously did not exist in this form. On the "Gebrüder Lange" channel, the operators go on a treasure hunt and take their viewers along with them.

Gebrueder Lange Gebrüder Lange

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The treasure hunt is easy and simple for everyone

Treasure hunting is easy and simple for everyone

[/vc_column_text el_class="textcontent"]Surely everyone knows that in deeper waters or in sandy places one or another treasure can very often be found. However, most of them lack the necessary equipment for such a treasure hunt. However, there are numerous people who are well equipped for that treasure hunt and actively pursue it. This is also done by the YouTube channel "Gebrüder Lange" and they show their viewers in their videos what needs to be found. In general, the channel "Gebrüder Lange" is a German YouTube channel, which places its videos mainly in the field of treasure hunting. Furthermore, no personal information about the people behind the channel is known. It is not clear what the protagonists and operators of the channel are called by their real names, nor on what day and year they were born. Therefore, it is not possible to accurately determine the age of the person acting. However, based on their activity on YouTube and their appearance in the videos, it can be estimated that their age is around 20 years. The "Lange Brothers" channel was not created until October 23, 2017. ¡¡¡¡The first video publicly found today was posted in the process only a few days later, on October 25, 2017, and was titled: "GOLDRING FOUND!!!! - SONDELN." However, a closer examination of the video reveals at the outset that this is already the third video of the "Gebrüder Lange" channel. This statement is made by one of the protagonists already at the beginning of the alleged first video. Since the beginning of the "Gebrüder Lange" channel, the content of the videos has been focused on the topic of treasure hunts. However, the special thing about the videos of the "Gebrüder Lange" channel is that they are about treasure hunts in the most diverse places all over the world and in different ways. It is always open whether they are diving in a very large and deep body of water in search of treasures of any kind or on land with various tools to search for treasures under the surface. Another special feature of the "Gebrüder Lange" channel is that it has relatively little competition on YouTube in the treasure hunting category, especially in the German-speaking world. Therefore, the growth potential of the "Gebrüder Lange" channel is also very large, and they make very good use of it. Even a glance at the channel information reveals that the focus of this channel has clearly been treasure hunting from the very beginning. In addition, the channel information also tells you that a new video appears on this channel every Friday at 3:00 pm, which fits perfectly into the category of treasure hunting videos. With its videos, the channel has managed to attract more than 211,000 subscribers, captivating and entertaining them with its weekly videos. [/vc_column_text]

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