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YouTube is undoubtedly one of the biggest and top video-distributing platforms. Did you know that YouTube features over a staggering 4 billion video viewers per month? Plus, about 500 hours of YT video content is being uploaded and shared every minute of the day. Ever since it originated in 2005, this platform has gone viral for all the right reasons. It’s amazing how we can have fun but also learn at the same time from YouTube.

Yes, it contains a series of educational, comedic, inspirational, emotional, and motivational content. But we can all agree to the fact that YouTube has a great amount of funny content that gets memefied forever. By that, we are referring to how funny videos get to remain forever in YouTube unless the owner chooses to delete them. If you are an avid YouTube user, then you must be aware of all the meme channels. Maybe you are subscribed to one or many at the moment?

Yes! You heard it right! Meme channels are definitely a thing today, and these channels have a crazy number of subscribers. The creators can simply upload a funny short clip, and it will instantly receive thousands of views in minutes. Well, we aren’t complaining because it definitely makes us smile for all the right reasons. You also get to make a lot of money through these videos. YouTube memes can come in various forms. For instance, someone can take a snippet of a video and add a funny caption to it. The context of the video may be different, but they blend together and make sense.

What Are Memes?

In technicality, memes refer to a style, an idea, or behavior, which spreads from a person to another in a culture. Memes are undoubtedly a staple component when it comes to internet culture. It can be anything from pictures, bits of text, short videos, and GIFs. They are edited, shared, even expanded, and continuously passed around. Memes tend to create a typical shorthand right amongst those who are familiar with memes. They often end up becoming a part of both political and cultural discussions.

Memes are usually short-lived, humorous, and constantly adapted and remixed by many users. They do so for fitting an array of jokes, situations, and contexts. To name some of the most notable and clever memes, it would be Grumpy Kid, Doge, The Most Interesting Man, and Success Kid. They are continuously used, changed, and reused as the internet culture grows. Another popular meme icon would be “Pepe the Frog,” which has taken over the internet and is still around after so many years because of its relatability and funny nature.

Listing Down The Best YouTube Meme Channels

Here’s a list of the best YouTube meme channels for this year:

  • Meme-tastic!
  • ur local meme
  • Video Memes Official
  • Behind the Meme
  • GG Memes
  • Freememeskids
  • The Memeyork Times
  • Birb Memes
  • Text2Meme
  • Prestige Memes
  • Memebelly
  • Memes by Akhir
  • JuicyJoey [the daily meme]
  • Maymays69
  • dankmemez4peepz
  • Romariusz
  • Covfefe TV
  • YaBoiDJ
  • Mr. Meme
  • Meme Archives
  • Meme Nation
  • Meme Sage
  • Nimbo
  • Memes Mah Negguh

YouTube Meme Video Tutorial

funny youtuber memes

In this tutorial, we will help you in creating a meme out of a YT video. But for this, you will need to use the free Kapwing Meme Generator online tool.

Importing Your YouTube Video

  • First, you need to locate the YT video that you wish to meme.
  • Next, you need to launch your Kapwing Meme Generator.
  • Proceed in copying the URL of the preferred video.
  • Tap on the “Get Started” option on your homepage.
  • Start pasting the video’s URL inside the import box.
  • You can choose to begin with the black canvas here. Tap on the “Upload” option present on the left side on the lower section of the toolbar.
  • Now, you need to start importing your video into the meme canvas. You can do so by pasting the video’s URL.
  • Remember that the Kapwing Meme Generator tool also supports formats like pictures, GIFs, as well as video uploads.

Creating Your Meme

  • Tap on the background of your video for resizing and changing its colors.<