If you are someone who doesn’t want to be friends with someone they don’t like, then this article is for you. It could also be that you don’t like someone’s posts and that’s why you want to unfollow them. What is “unfollowing” on Facebook? Well, this is a great tool for you. If you think unfollowing is a big step and can be easily seen by other people, unfollowing can help you a lot. Let’s discuss what “unfollow” is on Facebook.

Facebook has many other options that you can use to stop communicating with others. These include features like snoozing, pausing, muting, and even unfriending. “Unfollow” is also a part of these functions. This feature is beneficial if you don’t want to unfriend someone, but still want to prevent their posts from appearing in your timeline. This feature does not reduce your Likes and if you still want to increase your reach, you can also buy Likes.

What is Following on Facebook?

There are two ways you can follow someone on Facebook. The first way is that you follow each other, so once you add them, you follow them too. Each of you can also unfollow the other, which is different than unfriending. Your name will also be displayedin the following list of the person you just unfriended.

The second option is that you can follow someone you are not friends with if they have the “followers” option enabled. However, this is a one-way street, meaning that you have followed them, but they have not followed you. This means that you can see their posts, but not theirs, and to do that, they have to add you as a friend or follow you back. But now the question is: what is Unfollow on Facebook?

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What is Unfollow on Facebook?

Unfollow, simply put, can mean that you no longer see a person’s posts in your personal feed. It is very similar to following and is also a one-way thing. When you unfollow a person, it only applies to one page. However, when you unfollow a friend, you still remain in his/her friends list. This does not decrease your engagement, but you can use an ad advisor as a strategyto grow your audience.

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What happens to posts and stories?

Now that you know what unfollowing is on Facebook, you should know that you will no longer see the posts and stories of the people you unfollow in your feed. However, if you go to your profile, you will be able to see all the posts, depending on how you set your privacy.

If you unfollow someone, can they see your posts and stories?

Well, yes as such it is a one-way street and for that reason it does not change its end. Your activities related to posts and stories will be seen in their feeds. If you don’t want them to see it, you should restrict that person. This is a great feature to manage social media on your site.what is unfollow on facebook

Can the other person know if we don’t follow them?

No one will be notified if you unfollow him/her, which ensures that no relationships are spoiled.

What changes occur in both pages and groups?

It’s very similar to profiles, except that you won’t see their posts if you stop following them, but you’ll still remain a member of that group and page.

Until when Unfollow lasts?

After knowing what is unfollowed on Facebook, one wonders if this is something that will remain. In fact, it stays until you yourself add or follow the person again. However, if you only want to unfollow for a period of time, you can try Snoozing.

Unfollowing On Facebook Web As As Apps

These are the steps you should follow for different things

Unfollowing On Web

What is Unfollowing on Facebook on the web, and how does it work?

– Just click on the profile and click the “Unfollow” button on that person’s profile.

– Open the page and see the following button and click unfollow again.

– Open the group you want to unfollow and select the “Connected” button and then “Unfollow”.

Unfollowing On Android

– In case of a profile, just search for the profile and choose “unfollow” on the following button.

– In case of pages that are liked, then just find the page and click on the three dot icons, then select the following and choose unfollow.

– For a group, simply open the group, find the three dot icons, and then click on the group unfollow.

Unfollowing On IOS

– For a profile, open it and tap on the friends icon. Then select the following and choose unfollow.


– For pages, open them first, select the three dots, and repeat the process.

– For groups, open it and now you know how to do it.

All of this is the information you need to know about what “unfollow” is on Facebook, and it will help you make your long-awaited decisions regarding unfollowing someone.