To have a well-maintained Instagram account, it is not only necessary to keep your profile updated with good content, but it is also equally important to pay attention to your follower list. Learn how to remove a follower on Instagram through this detailed guide that will help you clean and maintain your account easily and effectively. Does this article contain all the information about how to remove a follower on Instagram?

Sometimes, you may have followers in your account who may be inactive or may be spamming your posts with useless comments. When you are starting out with Instagram, you may naturally feel the need to have more followers no matter their quality. However, as time goes on and your account grows, you will be keener to keep your account healthy and to see that you may only want to have those users in your follower’s list who engage in your posts in actuality and find some value in it. Cleaning your Instagram followers list at regular intervals is beneficial. This is a good thing because it signals that you are focusing more on quality than quantity. Moreover, having unwanted followers in your account can cause other followers to leave with a bad impression. Hence, ensuring that you check your follower’s list at frequent intervals and clean them accordingly is essential.

how to remove a follower on instagram

How to remove a follower on Instagram?

You may not want certain followers to view your posts. If you have a private account, this won’t be a problem as you can only accept the requests of people who you are familiar with and keep anyone you don’t know away. However, when you’re an influencer or a business account, having a public account is necessary. If your page is private, you will limit your content to a few users and this won’t increase your brand awareness or your customer base. This can hamper your business in the long run due to which, it is mandatory to have a public profile. Hence, you can learn how to remove a follower on Instagram so that people who are not necessary to your account can no longer follow your posts and stories.

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Many people hesitate to lose the followers they have because they believe that’s high following count will help their account grow. However, there are many other ways you can grow your accounts such as influencer marketing, email marketing, and more. Therefore, if you need to remove some followers, do it without hesitation.

Remove Followers From Instagram

While having a public account enables you to gain more followers, it also comes with the risk of some unwanted users following your page. However, even when you have a private profile, there may be people you may no longer want to associate with. Thankfully, Instagram has many tools and options that enable you to remove people from your account easily. If you’re worried that the people you have unfollowed or removed from your follower’s list will be notified of the same, you don’t have to stress about it because Instagram removes them without notifying them.

Here are the steps you can follow to remove followers from your Instagram account.

how to remove a follower on instagram

step 1

Open your Instagram account and go to your profile section. You will see the option of followers in your profile. Click on the same and all the users who are following your page will show up. Besides the profile name, there will be a button called following. You can click on the button. Instagram will show a message asking if you are sure you want to remove the follower from your account. You can press sure and the account will be removed from your follower’s list.

step 2

If you want to remove a follower through their profile page, you can visit the concerned user’s profile page. At the top of their profile, you will see three dots. Click on the three dots and a menu will pop up where you can find an option to remove the follower. Select remove and the follower will be removed from your account.

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step 3

If you’re not sure which followers you should keep and which ones you should not, you can go to your profile section and check the account you do not follow back or with whom, you share a low engagement rate. There is no point in having followers who don’t engage in your posts because if you have a high number of followers but a low engagement rate, your account will not look credible to other users.

These are the few steps you can follow if you want to learn how to remove a follower on Instagram effectively.

You may not be eager to lose the followers you have because everyone wants to have more followers. However, most of the time, having unwanted followers may be causing more damage to your account than doing any good. You should not tolerate any level of toxicity in your account and if you feel a follower is not worthy of being on your list, get rid of them instantly by following these steps. Don’t worry about losing followers because you can easily buy organic followers online who will engage in your posts too.

Final Thoughts

You must remember that keeping your Instagram polished at all times will leave a positive mark on users who visit your page and will also keep all negativity at bay. Therefore, make sure you follow these steps and keep your account clean and fresh.