Twitch is an exceptional platform that is a source of income for many. If you are well aware of the twitch platform then, you must also have a few questions in your mind like how much a twitch streamer makes per sub, tips to make more money, and others. Well, if you are excited to learn about how much you can make as a twitch subscriber then, you need to continue reading the post.

how much does a twitch streamer make per sub

Know about how much money the twitch streamer makes

Before going into details of how much a twitch streamer makes per sub, let us understand how much money, in general, the twitch streamer makes. To not beat around the bush, the streamers make quite a good amount of money through the twitch.

As per the reports, twitch made around 1.54 billion dollars in 2019. The streamers however make around 3000 to 5000 dollars per month only through the subscriptions. Apart from the subscription, the twitch streamer makes money including donations through various other means.

Talking about the small streamers who do not have a very huge following, they may earn an approximate amount of 100 dollars or more per month. The streamers on twitch will be able to make more money when they have become affiliates on twitch for which they need to need to fulfill all the requirements. Let us now look at a few of the ways through which the streamers make money on twitch.

  • Customized merchandise
  • Tournament winnings
  • Twitch affiliate
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate links
  • Donations by the viewers
  • Subscription fees

A few ways through which the twitch streamers are, making money had been mentioned above. Now is the time to divert our attention toward the next important topic. The next section will be discussing how much money the streamer makes per sub.

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How much money do they make per sub?

Twitch streamer indeed has too many ways through which they can earn. But, you might be indeed curious to know how much a twitch streamer makes per sub. Here in this section, we are going to break all the suspense to you. To explain this in simple terms, there is no fixed earning in the case of twitch streamers. As you might have understood, the biggest source of income for the streamers on twitch is the subscribers.

The subscription amount that the subscribers generally pay can range from the lowest to the highest amount. Donation is another means through which the twitch streamers make money.

However, Serviceh of these are a form of variable income, and hence, there is no fixed pay the streamers can rely on. The viewers can take any of the subscription-based on their preference including $24.99, $9.99, or $4.99 per month. Of this subscription amount, fifty percent of this belongs to twitch.

However, in the case of the elite subscribers, they can keep more than fifty percent of the subscription fees. This was all about how much the twitch streamers can earn. Now that you are aware of how much streamers make per sub, let us proceed further towards the next section to know about a few tips and tricks that can help you make more money.

Tips to make decent cash on twitch

Well, as you already are aware of how much a twitch streamer makes per sub, you might be wondering if all the twitch streamers make the same amount of money. To break it to you, not all the streamers get a higher amount. This is primarily because some streamers have better marketing strategies than the rest.

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how much does a twitch streamer make per sub

Hence, to help you earn high, we will be here enlisting a few tips that will help you attract a larger audience for a prolonged time. Attracting the audience however not a very great deal, retaining their attention indeed is.

  • If your goal is to earn high and become popular then, you need to become an affiliate on twitch. Being one of the affiliates on twitch will bring in many benefits for the streamers.
  • For becoming one of the twitch affiliates, you need to have maximum subscribers and followers. Alongside, you should as well engage yourself in broadcasting various gameplay.
  • The more brand sponsorship you do, the more popular you become. Interestingly, this will also bring in finance.
  • Although you cannot directly ask or beg the viewers to make the donations you should be open to all kinds of donations. Accept all the forms of currency if you wish to earn high.
  • Multiple streamers exist on twitch and hence if you are interested to attract the attention of all the viewers then, you need to make sure that you post engaging content and exciting offers. Viewers will come to you only when they see they getting any kind of benefit and that can be in any offer for example twitch bits.

Keep in mind all the above tips that have been mentioned to earn high. Attracting the subscriber and followers is not a very simple and easy process. It takes a lot of effort and time to attain a high number of followers and subscribers.

Twitch is an outstanding platform that allows users to make as much money as they want to make. However, this does not merely depend upon luck but also on how best strategies you are using to attract and retain the attention of the viewers. In the post above, some tips have been mentioned which will indeed help you earn high.

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