Television advertising is out. All on social media.

“Started in Nuremberg as one of Germany’s first influencer agencies, we have grown into a full service multichannel social media marketing agency and support you in all aspects on social networks.

With Adfluencer we created a unique platform that connects YouTubers, Instagram Influencers & TikTok Creators directly with advertising partners and brands. Whether micro or macro influencers: we have contact with Germany’s top influencers.

Fast, uncomplicated and simple. For these reasons, in addition to small local companies, even global players such as Huawei, Fandom, and Wikia Inc. trust us.

Max Wellner, founder of Adfluencer (Yes, that’s me as Spiderman).

Social Media Management // Social Ads // Influencer Marketing // Growth Hacking

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YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Tiktok… Whether you are a gamer, vlogger, beauty influencer or cosplayer: Register now as a content creator without obligation and we will add you to our database. This way you can easily earn money with your reach. What are you waiting for? It takes only 2 minutes!

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Social media & influencer marketing are trending strongly and are more important than ever. No matter what projects you want to promote or what your company offers, Adfluencer is your partner. Start your social media marketing campaign with Adfluencer today.

We don't just know what Gen Z wants. We belong to it ourselves.

“Adfluencer was founded in early 2018 with the vision of connecting social media creators with suitable advertising partners and brands. What makes us so special is that our target group is Generation Z, virtually everyone who has grown up with social media, including ourselves! For many in Gen Z, influencers are idols or “role models” who have a special place in our lives. In my opinion, influencer marketing is by far the most effective way to reach Generation Z. Direct, emotional & contemporary. I have been active as a social media creator myself for years and was therefore able to build up many connections in the German influencer scene early on. And that’s exactly what we specialize in, the German-speaking region.”

Max Wellner, Content Creator & Founder of Adfluencer

Germany's agency for influencer marketing & social media

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As a full service agency we offer solutions in the areas of Influencer Marketing, Social Media Management & Consulting, Generation Z & Brand Identity Creation. Our focus here is clearly on the German-speaking countries. We help small local businesses from our region in Nuremberg, Fürth, & Erlangen, but also far beyond. We help major international brands gain a foothold in the German market.

We also offer many guides & tutorials for influencers & creators. Register with us to be booked for campaigns or open your own merch store with us !

In the spotlight

Gaming YouTuber & Let’s Player Domtendo visits the Honor Play Launch Event in Berlin on our behalf.

Here’s how an effective influencer marketing campaign goes. Have we aroused your interest? Check out all of our services here or simply write to us at [email protected].

This is how easy influencer marketing works with us

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This is how easy influencer marketing works with us

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Social media management for every target group

We take over your social media accounts and create content, maintain your accounts, handle PR and communication with your community.

You just want to be advised? Also no problem! We help you create, simplify & even automate your social media strategy with the help of AI (ChatGPT says hello).

Passion. Emotions. Authenticity. Creativity.

UGC // Content Creation for TikTok, Instagram & Co.

The Megatrend of the Jahres ist Short Form Content, and all großen Social Media Plattformen folgen Tiktok. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shlocation sind perfekte Werkzeuge, at dein ContentMarketing effizient auszubauen.

Wir hestellen fFor you authenticischen Usergenerated Content egal whether Tiktok Videos, Instagram Reels othe Livestreams sowohl in oursrem Studio in NFornmountain, als auch draußen othe auf Reises.

Content ist King, lass us deine Queen sein.

Storytelling for your brand

It ist wnotig, ein strongit Fireing zu haben, at nnot vergeat zu whethe and at Gedächtnis the Zielgruppe zu bleiben. Dies hereme wir dthrough persönliches & targeted Storytelling, einfache, but aussagekräftige Branded Posts and emotionale Inhalte, the das Heart berühren.

The Schlüssel zat Hefolg ist eine effektive Kommunikation and Interaktion with deiner Zielgruppe, egal whether Gene Z, Millennials othe jede andere theografish Gruppe.

We advise you and helphelp you beat learning to speak.


At Adfluencer, we have become extremely focused on social media. Our partners support you in further areas:

Yllusion Film & VideoNekodanshi Walkingacts & EventsXENOconcept Webdesign & DevPrometheuz AI Tools

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step." Take that first step and write to us.