How to Do Social Media Management Right

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Social media management is a process to analyze, schedule, create and engage with content on social media platforms and develop strategies and right social media tools to effectively use these features to grow with businesses.

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What is Social Media Management?

Social media is the building block for most businesses and many social media platforms serve as a way to advertise different brands. Social media management is a process to analyze, schedule, create and engage with content on social media platforms and develop strategies and right social media tools to effectively use these features to grow with businesses.

Managing your social media accounts is likely to cause stress, especially if you are an influencer. How to bring your target audience to appreciate the content you create? or devise the right advertising strategy if you are a business owner? or content creation tools for your social media platform? That is what a social media manager does for you.

Why is Social Media Management important?

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tiktok are most influential these days when it comes to advertising brands and businesses, be it a million dollar businesses or just a small business. All of them need a right advertising strategy and plan to make the business grow and flourish. How can social media management be helpful with that?

Social media management is a strategy you need to kill two birds with one stone. Both influencers and advertisers become successful and have a win-win situation with right social media platform on your back. Choosing the top social media platforms for increasing your customers and a right social media strategy can give you the wings. Here are a few roles of a social media manager:

Content Creation:

Creating the right content for business advertisement and attracting the right audience to it is the main component of a social media management. Social media can be used to increase engagement to your content by using attractive text or visuals to make people attracted to your content according to their needs. Your products to look trustworthy, proper content creation is important.

Online Community Management:

Managing the social media audience in a rightful manner is important. Therefore, using the correct social media management tools is also an important in social media management because reaching out to the target audience and creating an impression among various flourishing businesses in order to achieve brand loyalty are the basic aims of advertisement.

Stay up-to-date with Trends:

What social media apps are most popular? Which social media posts are attracting more audience? Which social media strategy will work best for a certain brand? Knowing the answer to all these questions and implying them in the brand awareness campaigns is the description of a social media manager roles. Also, creating variation in the content while keeping the main aim and message the same, for every social media platform, is the magic social media managers perform every day.

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for Business?

Social media is an always growing and changing world. One day a platform is famous and the next, it just disappears. For social media management, you should know what are the stable and best platforms for your business to flourish.


Facebook is a stable platform in social media that has approximately 3 Billion users world wide. having a Facebook account for your company is definitely a must because you can find a wide range of users to interact with your content than any television source.

According to the stats, the age group of the most Facebook users is between 18 and 34, the ideal people you need to target as a product promotion. Facebook users will engage with your account for customer support via comments or direct messages. To make it easier, you can even link your WhatsApp account with your Facebook account to make contact with customers easy.


Facebook-owned app, Instagram is similar in popularity to Facebook. Instagram users know its importance as well and thus, it is no longer used only to post your pictures on. Instagram is the best supporter of businesses with its features to link business pages with your account and the advertising.

According to statistics, among 1 billion users, every 200 million users see one business page per day in their feeds. Attractive enough? There’s more. Instagram demographics of 2021 say that the most of the users are 25 to 34 years of age, with 18 to 24 years people not falling too behind on numbers.

With that kind of audience and Instagram business friendly features, you should create your business page there now.


Twitter gives a more business like vibe than a social channel. With 300 Million people world wide, you can definitely hope for some stable follower count for your business account on Twitter. Your customer support service will also be improved as users can post their queries about your products in a thread or a direct message.

Twitter is gaining popularity among the youth very fast and its users will no doubt reach in billions in no time. Twitter has a limit of 280 characters on your tweets, but you can effectively use it to post about promotions, announcing sales or other company news in short and emotional ways and it will make your customer services better in a lot more ways than you think.


Although, LinkedIn is not considered as a social media app, it can also work with your social media management. With 750 million people using the platform, you can’t say that your product advertisement won’t reach the masses. LinkedIn can serve as your personal billboard where you can add sales and promotions and also new product features in the form of a post.

LinkedIn is a place for recruiting the workers so it is safe to say that it is an app for businesses no doubt. You can hire you staff from there or run an advertising campaign, LinkedIn will help it to reach the right people.

best social media management tools

What Social Media Management Tools to use?

Setting your foot in digital marketing world is difficult as it is. Deducing the right social media strategy and finding the accurate social media management tools to use on top of that will even prove more difficult. Using the best social media management tools is important if you want to target the appropriate masses. For that, you must be aware of the Social Media Marketing Funnel and how to use it effectively. Let’s look at the social media management tools to use and how to effectively use them.

Digital Marketing Funnel:

The most important tool in the social media management world is the marketing funnel. You must be well equipped with the best strategy to use it in your favor while advertising your brand. It is divided into four sections for effective social media marketing strategy: discovery, intent, conversion and loyalty.

Associating each section with different types of people for your brand advertisement, you can target them with right brand awareness strategy via your social media management software or team.

‘Social Listening’ as Social Media Management Tool:

Social listening can tell you what people are saying about your brand behind your back. Monitoring all the conversations and queries related to the brand and knowing the sentiment of audience towards it, you can deduce what tools to use in order to bend that sentiment in your favor.

You can make a productive marketing strategy if you have good social listening via social media as a strategy for marketing. Your products should show up multiple times in searches, and you should also keep the analytics of the type of audience showing engagement with your business.

Social Media Content Tools:

Know your audience as you post the content on different social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok etc.

For example, you should be well aware of the trending posts on twitter account, or the Facebook content causing high engagement, or the way to create posts for LinkedIn that can attract store visitors and know the social media analytics to best use them.

Collaboration with Influencers:

Influencers are often the best place to put all your marketing efforts in. Social media marketing becomes easy and a drive through if you use influencers’ followers as your own. They target so much people every day and often influence them to follow the trend they are following. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn, and many more social channels like these are full of influencers that can be your walking business promotions on these social networks.

Influencers create content as posts, Live talks, and other media, and publish posts almost every day. Collaboration can mean that they can do marketing for your products and you can pay them in the form of money or free promotional products, win-win situation for both parties.

Producing Quality Content:

Despite all the advertising strategies, if the quality of your products or the content you produce is not up to the general standard, you can never find a place in this competitive platform, even if you use the best features of a best services provider in the area.

The quality content can help you boost all the strategies you are using, be it free promotional products to influencers or analytics and content scheduling by a services provider, because they will only help in bringing the people for a store visit, the rest depends on the services and features you offer to your customers. So, make your products and content trustworthy before applying any advertisement tools to it.

How to be Effective Social Media Managers?

Social media management is not an easy task. You have to have two brains, four eyes, four ears and keep them open all the time, but only an alien can do that. Don’t worry. You can still do it by getting some help from the experts. The basic aspects here will help to highlight the social media management role.

Multiple Account Management:

You can’t even thin about using all the social channels at once and managing them all properly at that. Even if you are an experienced marketer in this field, it will cause a whole lot of anxiety for you if you take on yourself to manage all the accounts yourself.

However, social media management can bring salvation to you as it can merge all the social accounts and you can post simultaneously to all of them. Choosing the right social media management software and social media tools is the best choice for you.

Schedule Content in advance:

It is always best to make a content calendar and schedule content to be released per month. Scheduling can predict the outcomes of your marketing efforts in advance because social media marketing can be a handful if you work without a schedule in your hand because you will probably miss the right time to post it if you are offline. What is the solution then?

Either stay online 24 hours a day or use a right social media management software. Second option might be the best one, if you ask. A social media management software will help you schedule your content beforehand. Scheduling content according to your own comfort will save time and you can go online whenever you are free. You can even schedule multiple posts per month and even per year.

Respond to the Customer Queries:

The most important part of running businesses through social media is to monitor all comments and queries and respond to them timely. Customer support is always a priority while making marketing strategy and you need an all time representative team of your page to respond to the comments on your posts.

Among the wide range of services regarding social media management, a social media management software promises a full time customer support and you can sometimes even create an auto reply bot that will give you some time in responding to comments without making your customer dissatisfied.

Engagement Demographics:

Different platforms on social media, like Facebook has free features through which you can see the engagement people are showing with your posts and which posts were popular among them, but you need more specific information regarding your visitors if you want a fruitful plan for future posts and product advertisement.

Social media management software will show you what type of people are interested in your posts and which age group to target with the certain posts. With all that information, you can strategize in a more productive manner.

Data and Analytics:

In order to manage multiple platforms on social media, you need to have a wide range of detailed analytics of all your accounts on social media. How much commenting is happening and how often is it needed, what type of features people are loving in your products and what more can your Facebook or Instagram posts improve to reach more people.

Your social media management services provider can help you reach all these analytics and use this wide range of knowledge in your favor to help you improve your future strategies.

Collaboration Among Teams:

Social media management on all your accounts requires equal work in all areas of focus. You need to keep the check on content quality, engagement with the content, constant response to queries, all in perfect synchronization. You need a well communicated team of people who can work in collaboration with each other all the time.

Social media channels usually do not have that features but a software for social media management is cloud-based where all the team members can work in the same environment while being in constant contact with the work team is doing.

Where can you find an efficient services provider who can provide you with all the features mentioned above and the perfect social media management tools? Let’s look at the solution we found for you.

Best Social Media Management Services Provider:

Reading all that, you might have thought that it is the most difficult task in the world to be a social media manager for your business, especially for small businesses as they have to manage so much all at once. Running a business and managing all the social media marketing all on your own can be too difficult. What if you can hire the social media managers for yourself? Yes, even the small businesses can do that.

Hiring the best social media team for your marketing business is difficult often as it requires a proper workplace for them and demands a heavy price. Free of these worries, you can still hire a marketing team for social media management in the form of and forget all your marketing problems on social media.

What is Adfluencer?

Adfluemcer is a social media management platform in Germany that works directly with top social media influencers. They bring influencers in direct contact with brands and advertisers in order to make the collaborations successful for both parties. Adfluencer can be your best social media management software to use for marketing purposes.

The company was found in early 2018, with the aim of connecting social media content creators and advertisers with each other and devise the effective social media strategy for them. They have created a platform where advertisers can find the right social media profiles and recruit them for marketing purposes.

Why Adfluencer? is a platform for all German speaking countries to use as a marketing and social media management tool for their business and influencing. What is special about adfluencer that makes it distinctive from other platforms?

Global Outreach:

For both influencers and advertisers, a global platform is ideal for shout outs. Adfluencer is just that for you. Currently, they are working with companies like Huawei, Fandom or Wikia Inc. that are famous all around the world.

Also, all world wide famous Youtubers, Instagram and Twitter influencers and Tiktok creators work with Adfluencer for collaborations with business companies and advertisers.

Reach Generation Z: not only knows what Gen Z wants, but they are a part of them. Adfluencer is made by the people of Gen Z. Who would best know social media management other than the people who grew up with social media?

Adfluencer has an ideology that the social media management is best done via influencers on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube etc. who own and affect the major part of the lives of Gen Z with their content and thus, can be best marketing agents.

All in one place:

Adfluencer is the all in one platform where they provide influencer marketing, creating your own identity among businesses, and social media management and consulting.

Not only advertisers but they also work for influencers by offering them marketing campaigns in German speaking countries and also guides and tutorials to grow and flourish in the social media world.

how adfluencer works

How does Adfluencer Work?

You only have to register with them in order to start the collaborations. Adfluencer only demands the first step from your side.

If you are an advertiser, a business owner or work with the product marketing company, you just need to write to them about your project in detail and their social media team will guide you through the rest. Let’s look at the way they work:

Social Media Marketing:

If you are a business owner and want a shout out for your company, adfluencer is your answer. They will assist you with a wide range of services including, social media management, lead generation, business shout outs, and many more via influencer marketing.

They will contact the famous YouTubers, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter influencer and TikTok creators and connect you with them. Want a shoutout on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? Got a new video for your product? They have got you covered.

Advertising Campaign:

After you join hands with adfluencer, you can start your advertising campaigns today by contacting the famous influencers that are working with them. You can offer them free product promotions or offer them a pay instead, and your advertising campaign can go the right way.

Brand Identity:

Collab with the adfluencer today and create a distinctive identity for yourself among other small businesses really fast.

Just like famous businesses can make an influencer grow, famous influencers can also help a business to create a separate identity for itself. It is a cost effective way of advertising a business and you can also save time from creating pages and blog posts for promotion.

Social Media Management:

Adfluencer has got you covered for social media management. They will provide you with all the social media management tools you require for your accounts.

They will advertise your business by creating content, social media posting, and other resources on social media channels like, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platform you choose on social media. Use social media management tools in the best manner with Adfluencer along your side.

Reach Famous Influencers:

Adfluencer has contact with all the famous German influencers from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and you can reach them by contacting adfluencer today.

In the German speaking countries, you can establish your business market by accessing the influencer data on the Adfluencer for you. You can easily contact any influencer using that data and promote your business.

Creation of Content:

In addition to social media management, adfluencer will also create content for your business if you include that in your project while registering.

If you are short on hands, Adfluencer will provide you with amazing content like, videos and blog posts for your accounts so that you can post them on your resources like LinkedIn and blogs, and manage your own accounts for promotion.

Influencer Management:

If you are an influencer on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and want to grow more, you can depend on Adfluencer for that. They can offer you the best strategy for your growth on your social media accounts. You can use social media profiles on your social channels to become a successful influencer if you join hands with Adfluencer. How can that happen?

Adfluencer offers you tutorials and helpful articles and also, you can choose the companies and businesses for the shout out purposes. You can use the products from advertisers in your content and it will be sponsored by the product placements in them. That way you can grow yourself and also earn some money with your hobby.

Cost Management:

Most social media management tools charge you according to the size of your project that is why the cost varies greatly. Mainly, social media management tool charges you according to five important factors that deduce your project’s enormity in general. You have to calculate your costs according to these five factors.


Would you rather work alone to manage your accounts, or hire a team to help you divide your work load? Whatever way you prefer to work, it will affect the cost of your social media management tools.

Many social media management tools are offered on the basis of each user per month. If you have a team managing your work, then it may cost you additionally for adding more people to your social management team.


The reason you pay for a social media management tool is to schedule your social media posts in advance for your accounts so you can rest easy. The social media management helps you with scheduling your posts easily but it comes with the variation in price,

Some social media management tools charge you according to the number of posts you schedule per month. Whether you are managing multiple accounts or a single account, calculate the cost, your social media management tool charges you with according to the limit of posts you can schedule per month.


Cost of your social media management tool depends upon the features you are using or the features your services provider is offering. The usage of less features will cost you less but if you want to manage your accounts properly, you may have to add a little more money to the budget.

If you only avail the basic features like Scheduling and a little help in posting, it will cost you the standard price, but if you want to add advance features like monitoring your accounts, listening, gathering analytics and post engagement, you will have to pay a little extra amount for that.


Managing all your accounts and scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts through a single social media management tool is the best strategical move you can take, but you have to bear extra cost for that.

The price of social media management tools vary with the number of accounts you manage through it. Make sure to calculate all the charges for all your accounts, whether you have five accounts on Instagram or single accounts on five platforms. You have to manage the budget beforehand.


The standard platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are common among social media management tools, but if you have accounts on some other platform or multiple platforms like, Tiktok. Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat etc. then you may have to mention that to your services provider.

Remember to list all the accounts while explaining your project features in detail when agreeing on acquiring the rightful social media management tool from them and ask for the amount that additional platforms will cost you. Availing extra features for your added platforms can cost you too, so you need to settle on the cost of project before starting it with your services provider.

Social media management is becoming the need of the hour with increasing demand of the advertising businesses. Moreover, Generation Z is the active part of social media and therefore, a cause of increased sale ratio for most businesses on these platforms. Nothing comes free, if you pay the rightful services provider, like, you can exchange the best management features with your money, and build a trustworthy team for your future in social media sales services.



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