Social networking sites like Facebook are prevalent in the present day. Some use these for entertainment, and others try to make money out of them. The latter tries to imbibe several ways to reach people. Facebook pages are one easy and widely-preferred tool for the same. We were looking for the prevalent searches relevant to this and came across how to change page names on Facebook. So, here’s a brief!

How To Change Page Name On Facebook

Facebook Pages 

You can find different pages on Facebook related to entertainment, business, creation, etc. Each page has unique and intriguing content based on its purpose. The page admins put in everything to improve the page’s reach through likes, comments, and shares. Moreover, it takes a lot of hard work to gain relevant followers on Facebook pages.

Likewise, you can also find Facebook pages for businesses. As in, these pages are exclusive to promote businesses and improve sales. But why do you need to know how to change the page name on Facebook? Does the name have anything to do with your followers and sales? Read on!

Why change the name? 

The crucial thing for any Facebook page is its name. Usually, the page name reflects the purpose of the page. So, if you are running a business, its name would probably be the name of your page. If your page focuses on a cause or entertainment, its name reflects what you wish to convey to your audience.

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So, you might have to change the name of your business name is changed. Or, you wish to reach more audiences by tweaking the name. Several reasons can lead you to change your Facebook page name. You can also change its username, and we’ll discuss it in the end.

Changing a Page’s Name 

You can segregate the Facebook pages into general and business ones. Each of these has a dedicated process for the name change. Have a look:

General Pages 

When talking about how to change page names on Facebook in general, you are referring to any page on the platform except for a business page. It could be a meme page, a promotion one, or anything apart from a page dedicated to businesses.

  • Navigate to the Facebook homepage and log in with your credentials.
  • Go to your page through your profile’s newsfeed column.
  • From there, head to the Page Settings option from the left column menu.
  • Again, head to the menu on the left and tap the Page Info option.
  • Type the latest name and tap anywhere on the window.
  • Press the Request Change option once you entered the changes.

Remember that this process is only changing the name of your page and not its username.

Business Pages 

Another way to change your Facebook page’s name is through its business manager. Here’s how:

  • Navigate to your Facebook page and head to the About section from the menu.
  • Choose the General and Name option from the displayed menu and press Edit.
  • Type the new name in the dialogue box and tap Continue.
  • Press the Request Change option after reviewing the changes.
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These processes can help change your page’s name on Facebook. However, you need to know some things related to these names before heading to make the changes.

Possibilities of Unchanged Names 

You can come across scenarios where you change the name. But that is not reflected on your page, which can happen due to the following reasons:

  • You don’t have a page role or you are not an admin of the page.
  • Your page is subject to some restrictions from Facebook.
  • Someone else might have changed the name recently.
  • Your page is a regional one which is a part of some global page.

These are the common reasons why you cannot change your page’s name. If the reason is not any of these, you can contact the Facebook help center for more information.

How To Change Page Name On Facebook

Duration of Name Change 

You cannot change a page’s name on Facebook as and when you feel like it. Generally, you need to wait for seven days from the last time the change happened. You cannot unpublish your page during these seven days. Facebook Inc can sometimes ask for additional information before reflecting on the changes. The entire process takes seven days until you receive the final confirmation.

Changing the Username 

As mentioned above, changing the name of any page wouldn’t affect its username. But you can change its username too. If you are an admin of the page, you can change its username in the following way:

  • Navigate to your Facebook page through your newsfeed or page credentials.
  • Head to the About section and press the General and Username option from the menu.
  • Tap either on the Edit option or Create Page @Username option on the window.
  • Type the changes and press Create after reviewing the changes.
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Be it the name or username, you need to abide by the Page Name and Page Username Standards set by Facebook. The names chosen within these guidelines are only accepted and reflected on your page. Changing the username of your page might be a little tricky, for it has to be unique. You cannot keep the same username taken by someone else. So, try keeping additional names handy, to avoid this hassle.