TikTok has become increasingly popular in Pakistan, leading to an influx of influencers from all over the country trying to make a name for themselves on the platform. Unfortunately, many of these influencers have faced criticism from Serviceh their peers and government authorities due to their content or activities on the platform. Recent events such as bans imposed by government authorities against certain types of content deemed inappropriate or offensive have led many influencers from all over Pakistan to have difficulty continuing with their activities on this platform due to fear that any type of content created might be seen as unacceptable leading them down a path towards censorship or even removal from this platform altogether if found guilty after an investigation into said activity. Popular Tiktok influencers beaten in Pakistan include Areeka Haq, Mansoor Ali Khan, Noman Ijaz, and Hamza Ali Abbasi who were all temporarily banned for posting controversial videos related either directly or indirectly to political issues within Pakistani society. This shows how important it is for those involved in creating digital content must always remain aware of what type of material is being posted online so it does not attract unwanted attention leading up to harsher punishments than expected originally before uploading anything onto digital platforms such as TikTok.


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