There are times when you watch an online video on YouTube but you love its audio so much that you want to keep playing it on loop. To do this, you must know about the best YouTube to Mp3 Converter tool as it will help you in performing this action very easily. 

If you want to get music out of the largest video-sharing platform in the world, you must install a YouTube converter tool as it can help you fulfill your need. You can listen to the audio on any android device and make a collection of audio on your PC. The best YouTube to Mp3 Converter can be used to download music out of YouTube videos. If you are a YouTuber and want to have subscribers, then you can make it simple and buy YouTube subscribers

How can you find the best YouTube to Mp3 Converter?

Before knowing how you can choose the best tool to convert YouTube videos to MP3, you must know what a YouTube to Mp3 Converter is. These are tools that can be used for converting videos that are availed on YouTube to the MP3 format. YouTube is the most popular platform used for online video sharing and you can find a wide range of videos on this platform.

The best YouTube to Mp3 Converter

However, to find the best one out of so many tools available in the market you must consider a few factors like multiple file format support, audio quality, speed, subtitles, etc. Read this post till the end as it will take you through some of the best tools you can use for this purpose; 

  • DVDVideoSoft
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DVDVideoSoft is a very well-known tool that is used to download and convert videos. It has been downloaded over 1.4 billion times from different parts of the world. It also gets updated regularly and provides a superb experience to the users. Also, it is very simple to use.

All that you need to do is very the link to online YouTube videos and paste them into the text editor and tap on the convert button. It had a lot of unique fear like supporting different formats, and downloading subtitles and it also allows the users to stream it in various formats such as MP3, MP4, WEBM, and more. 

  • ClipGrab

ClipGrab is one of the top-rated YouTube converter tools you can use for free. It offers a quick and effective way of downloading and converting videos from your browser individually. Also, it is perfect for both individuals and businesses for your own needs.

Considering that, you can use this app only after you download and install it. It has so many features like multi-platform support, different quality options, and more. It is one of the most high-speed tools you can use with a forum dedicated to only users. It also has a built-in clipboard monitoring system. 

  • stroke
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AVC also known as Any Video Converter is a user-friendly tool that is widely used by numerous people all over the world. It has many features like the high speed of conversion, user-friendly function, etc. It also guarantees an interface free from spyware, malware, and advertisement with low susceptibility to the virus.

It allows Video burning which means that the users can download and save the videos before burning them to empty DVDs. It also has a high HEVC feature that assures that the videos which are downloaded have only a segment of their size, assuring a quick way to convert the videos with high quality. 

  • YTMP3 – YouTube to MP3 Converter

YTMP3 is counted in as the easiest to use YouTube to MP3 converter tool. The best part is that this tool is free to use and has compatibility with all kinds of devices such as tablets, mobile devices, and computers.

It also supports different formats which means that the files can be converted into both MP3 and MP4 formats. You can also edit, change and customize the name of files on saving them. The main focus of this tool remains on the quality of the files and it doesn’t let you make any adjustments to the quality. 

  • 4K Video downloader

This tool allows you to download and convert all channels, playlists, videos, and sub-titles from several sites. Moreover, the whole process by which you download and convert the videos is simple. It offers a very fast speed of downloading, and you can keep the video in its original form even after it is converted.

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The best YouTube to Mp3 Converter

You can also use this tool for downloading videos, editing them, and making slideshows. It enables you to download videos in batches. Virtual reality videos can also be downloaded with the help of this tool. These are just a handful of features you get with this tool. 

  • Freemake

Freemake is another well-known tool that is used by more than 90 million people across the world. It can be used for modifying and converting videos and extracting particular parts for your use. The main focus of this tool is to maintain the quality of all saved videos. It is a holistic video editor as it allows you to perform different functions like cut, modify, edit, rotate and join video clips

That’s all you should know about finding out the best YouTube to Mp3 Converter suitable for your needs. Some of the most popular tools have been enlisted in this post above and you can use any one of them as all of them are easy to use with no risks associated.