People Using YouTube

It has been 17 years since YouTube came into being. On 14th February 2005, YouTube was officially founded. YouTube co-founder, Jawed Karim, posted the first video on YouTube (“Me At The Zoo”). YouTube has over 2bn monthly users; nearly 42% of the global netizens use the platform every month. Thus, let’s quickly jump into our guide on how many people use YouTube.

Interesting Statistics of YouTube (Usage)

  • YouTube has over 2bn users right now.
  • Around 42% of global netizens access YouTube monthly
  • More than a billion hours are consumed daily.
  • 225m of users come from India, followed by The United States with 197 million users.
  • YouTube is popular and mostly consumed by the age group of 15-35
  • YouTube is consumed more by women than men.

If you’re a YouTuber, how awesome would it be to take into these stats and gain these subscribers for your channel?!

Daily Active Users

The statistics of Daily users are related to the percentage of people who use YouTube daily. Daily statistics show how many people use YouTube at least once a day.

  • Globally 1bn hours of content is watched by people.
  • On average, a user spends about 16 minutes and 44 seconds on YouTube.
  • Seven hundred twenty thousand hours of content is uploaded daily on YouTube. In one minute, 500 hours of content is uploaded.
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Monthly Active Users

The MAUs or Monthly Active users is a statistic that tells us how many visitors YouTube gets monthly. Only the signed-in members are measured. So, the actual MAUs will be higher.

  • YouTube has over 2bn monthly users.
  • Every month, a quarter of the world’s population uses YouTube.
  • Out of the total global population, 42.9% of the global netizens access YouTube every month.
  • 42.7% of mobile internet users enjoy the features of YouTube monthly. Only the logged-in users are measured.

As a Youtuber, only if you know how to tap into these statistics will your monthly income skyrocket.

YouTube’s Growth (in terms of users)

In 2012, YouTube had 800m users, and currently, it has more than 2bn users. It became a popular platform for users to access.

There are tons of varieties and categories of content that these users can enjoy. There are millions of videos that they can watch.

For the creators, it became a platform to show their talent and has provided a living to many. Thus, tapping into these resources requires tons of marketing and branding.

  • In 2006, YouTube had only 20m users.
  • In 2008, YouTube had 160m users.
  • In 2012, YouTube had 800m users.
  • In 2013, YouTube had 1bn users.
  • In 2020, YouTube had 2bn users.

As the year passes, access to the internet also increases. That made it possible for everyone all over the globe to watch YouTube easily in the palm of their hands.

YouTube currently ranks 2nd in terms of overall traffic.

Users by Country

YouTube can be accessed in over 100 countries. It is also available in 80 languages. It has become a global phenomenon.

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India has become the top country to use YouTube. 225m users are from India. That’s around 15% of the total world’s population.

The US comes in the second spot. 73% of the total US population uses YouTube.

The Top 5 countries to Use YouTube are as follows

  • India- 225 million users
  • USA- 197 million users
  • Brazil- 83 million users
  • Japan- 60 million users
  • Russia- 58 million users

people making use of youtube

But when considering the number of views from each country, the data is different. The USA is ahead of India by a long shot. An average user in the US consumes more content than a user in India.

User Demographics

YouTube has more than 2bn users. It is used by people from different ranges of demographics. Let’s take into account these different demographics to see what group of the society uses YouTube the most.

·       Age Demographics

Millennials and Gen Z are the biggest users of YouTube, closely followed by adults aged from 30-49.

·       Gender Demographics

Globally more than 50% of users are female. In the US, 82% of adult men use YouTube as compared to 80% of adult females.

·       Location Demographics

People living in urban areas are likely to consume more YouTube than people living in rural areas.

In the US, 84% of people living in the city are users. The percentage of users drops to 81% for suburban areas and 74% for users in rural areas.

2nd Most Used Social Platform

YouTube was ranked the 2nd most used social platform in 2020. It was measured by the number of active users. YouTube and Facebook are the only two sites to have captured 50% of all the social media users globally.

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Let’s look at the Top 5 apps:

  • Facebook- 2.85bn users
  • YouTube- 2.29bn users
  • WhatsApp- 2bn users
  • Instagram- 1.38bn users
  • Messenger- 1.3bn users

If we look at the countries, India houses the maximum number of YouTube users.