Facebook is a social media platform and in today’s time a lot of people have to use social media for various reasons, some chose it whereas some are here for some other important things but one thing that everyone is concerned about is: Safety. So, for that reason, Facebook has a feature where it allows your account to be private. Now, how to make Facebook private for your account?

What All Should You Know?

There are different types of privacy settings that you can change and that can help you maintain the account not only privately but also include privacy in other activities. Some of these are:

how to make facebook private

  • In settings & privacy, choose settings and then privacy and under who can see your posts, make a change to friends from public or any other option.
  • In order to make your friend list private, just go to privacy and change to friends or only me under who can see your friend list.
  • In order to make the profile private, just go to the page and choose edit details and toggle every information that you wish to remain private.

Amazingly you can keep your account private and yet have a lot of likes by purchasing more likes and increasing growth.

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How To Make Facebook Private In Terms Of Privacy Settings And Tools?

If you wish to hide everything that you wish to post from unknown people then the quickest way is to change the default setting from default to other options like friends, this will allow only your friends to see the posts. Answering the question on how to make Facebook private, here are the steps that you can follow and that can help you with privacy and tools screen.

  •         There will be an arrow on the upper–right corner of your Facebook screen, just click it.
  •         Now the drop-down will have Settings & Privacy, select it.
  •         Select settings and privacy panel in the left pane.
  •         You will be able to see who can see your future posts, edit them to friends, and select close.
  •         You can change the previous posts’ audience here. Just find limit the audience for posts you have shared with friends of friends or public and then choose limit past posts and then again choose the same.

This is exactly how to make Facebook private work. Even though you have made your account private, you can still add your friends by just letting them know the name of your profile.

How To Make Facebook Private In Terms Of Friend List?

Facebook has a feature where it makes the friend list public as default, which allows everyone to see their friends. This can be changed following these steps-

  •  Edit the Who can see your friend list to friends or only me under settings and privacy screen.
  • You can change the friend list by either choosing specific friends or excluding friends. Here specific friends are the ones whom you choose and except friends are those that you wish to exclude.
  • Or you can go to your Facebook profile page and under the friend’s tab, you can edit privacy from three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select the audience to the friend list and follow.
  • In order to save the changes, press X.
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How To Review The Profile Privacy Settings?

Your Facebook profile is by default public, which means it is viewable by anyone. It is recommended by experts that you review the settings for each item of the profile.

  • Go to your profile and choose edit details which would be on the left panel of the profile page. This opens the customize your intro box.
  • Then turn the toggle off which is next to the information that you wish to keep private. These also include boxes like education, your hometown, current city, and other information that you might have added to Facebook
  •  In order to edit a particular item, select the icon of the pencil.

This will also help you better manage your social media and engagement on your profile.

 How to Make Facebook Private From Search Engines?

If you wish to block your profile from showing in the results during searches on search engines.

  •         Choose the arrow that would be in the upper right corner.
  •         Choose setting and privacy in the drop-down menu.
  •         Select settings and then privacy on the left pane.
  •         Select do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile and edit the check box?

How To Change the Settings On Privacy Of Photo Albums?

how to make facebook private

As and when you upload the photos, you can change the Facebook photo privacy setting as an album or an individual image.

You can edit it by the following steps –

  1.  Go to the profile and then choose photos.
  2.  Now, choose more menu which would be next to the album that you wish to change, and select the edit album option.
  3.  Here you can use the audience selector which will help you change the privacy setting of photo albums.
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All these can help you and this is what you can suggest to anyone asking you about how to make Facebook private. Additionally, you can also search for an ads consultants which will help you increase engagement.