Ad manager from Facebook is always a booming trend. What is ad manager on Facebook? Well, just like many other benefits, the ad manager tool is another perk of this social media platform. Want to know more about it? Here’s a peek into this widely-used tool from Facebook and getting along with it.


Facebook and Ad Manager 

Several social networking websites were introduced to the world. However, nothing could cope with Facebook and its services. With millions of users worldwide, this social media platform is more than just a medium to connect with friends. Several Facebook users run their businesses and promote their content through this platform.

Time and again, Facebook introduces several tools like the business manager, ad manager, etc., to help businesses run smoothly . Ad Manager is a significant asset for every business to run hassle-free. Where is ad manager on Facebook? It is a tool to run different ad campaigns on the platform. Amid the cut-throat competition, you’ll need excellent strategies and seamless promotions to sustain.

where is ad manager on Facebook

The ad manager tool from Facebook helps in making your ads more effective and improves their reach. It does the following:

  • Design different ads for publishing them on Facebook
  • Optimize and monitor all the possible bids for different ads
  • Verify the ad’s performance and optimize it with necessary changes
  • Scrutinize every ad’s reach and performance
  • Targeting a different audience with various ads
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You’ll find a mammoth of other advantages while using this ad manager. Obviously, several people are now interested in familiarizing this tool and using it to grow their profits. Moreover, where is ad manager on Facebook is among the frequent searches that we came across. So, here’s where you can find this tool, followed by some delineating about ad manager to use it better.

Reaching the Ad Manager on Facebook 

Earlier, this tool was quite familiar as an ad manager itself. However, Facebook Inc introduced several new features and modified the tool to improve its functionality. This tool is now known as the Updated Ad Manager. The crux here remains the same. But the users can grab more benefits from the updated version compared to the general version of the ad manager.

Here’s the process to reach the ad manager tool through your Facebook handle. You can find this tool in two different methods – through your Facebook account for business and through a link provided by Facebook. Let’s understand Serviceh:

Through Business Account

You can easily navigate to the ad manager tool through your business account. Here’s how:

  • Go to the homepage of Facebook and log in with your business page’s credentials (if not logged in).
  • The left corner of your page’s window presents the taskbar. Navigate to that section.
  • Now, you’ll see different options on the menu. Tap the Ad Center option from the displayed options.
  • There is a drop-down arrow adjacent to it. Press the button and select the All Ads option from the drop-down menu.
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A pop-up window will appear on the screen as soon as you tap the all ads option. You can find different actions and options related to your ad campaigns here.

  • The Ads Manager option is present at the Servicetom of the pop-up window mentioned above. Select that to navigate to your ads’ manager page on Facebook.

The ad manager page on Facebook displays an overview of all the ads run through your account. You can find a detailed overview of all the ad-based activities that happened through your page.

Through Facebook Link

Facebook provides a direct link to access the ad manager section of your account. The only difference here is that you’ll see the ad manager page of your personal account on Facebook. So, you need to use the above method if you are looking for this tool through your Facebook business account.

  • Tap on the link address provided by Facebook and log in to your user account if needed.
  • You can find all the ads and their overview that are run through this particular account.

In case you use multiple accounts, you can toggle between the accounts and view the ads for each account. There is a drop-down arrow present on the ad manager window of Facebook. Clicking on it will show all the accounts used by you. Tap on the account for which you want to verify the ads’ performance and control the actions.

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Using the Ad Manager 

Getting along with the ad manager tool from Facebook might be daunting initially. But the layout, functions, and effectiveness of every option here are very beneficial. You’ll not need much time to familiarize this ad manager and use it easily.

The ad manager window hosts different tools and various actions. Among them are the ads, campaigns, and ad sets. These appear atop the dashboard and are significant in managing your ads section. Campaigns target larger groups, while ads are specific to a certain audience. You can choose among these options based on your ad’s reach.

where is ad manager on Facebook

You can use tools like create, duplicate, edit, etc., to make impactful ads whenever needed. You’ll also find several other options like Expand, Help, Search, Ad Manager Table, etc. Each of these is intended for a specific function. However, the Create option is highlighted among all.


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