Who is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who knows how to attract people through their personality, style, appearance, hobbies, passion, authority, knowledge, etc and creates a connection with their audience cultivating them into a huge following on their social media accounts. As a brand, you must know what do influencers want before you consider hiring them. An influencer can enrich your business by turning their followers into your potential customers.

What Do Influencers Want

Types Of Influencers

There are many types of influencers such as industry experts who share their knowledge on a particular subject. Content creators are entertaining and creative individuals who can attract a pool of followers to their accounts. Macro-influencers and Micro-influencers can impact your business by helping you reach the target audience. They can connect with the audiences personally.  The most famous influencers are Celebrities who can sway their fans, but not necessarily create engagement with the common people.

Thus, you can see that various types of influencers work differently. They have their style of working and their charges also differ. As a brand, you must know their needs before hiring them as an influencer for your business. Let’s see what do influencers want?

What Do Influencers Want?

To make your business reach potential customers, influencers are ready to take the efforts. There are innumerable things that an influencer needs from brands that can be profitable for both parties. Besides monetary benefits, influencers want the brands to consider the following points before approaching them.

Creative Freedom

An influencer is a creative person. Their creativity speaks when they curate the content for their audience. And that is the reason why influencers can entice a pool of audience to their accounts by gaining Instagram likes, shares, comments, and Facebook likes. They show their authenticity by connecting with their audience at a personal level. While creating content, they consider the ongoing trends and give a personal touch to their creation. Creativity flows when there are no restrictions. Hence, influencers want brands to know that creative freedom is the crux of their influencer status.

As a brand, if you are providing them with strict guidelines about creating the content, then there is a high chance for the content to fail. Don’t tell them what to do and what not to do. They know their business very well.  Just specify your needs by giving a brief message of business that you want to convey to the audience.  Then allow the influencers to take charge of your business marketing, as now the ball is in their court.

What Do Influencers WantRespect Their Time & Talent

You might think after giving them creative freedom, what do influencers want more? They want Respect. They expect that brands must respect them, their time, and their talent. Influencers take efforts that are unseen by many. It is assumed that influencers’ path is easy as they just need to showcase the products and entertain or educate their audiences. Hence, many brands try to take influencers for granted. Make sure you respect an influencer and appreciate their efforts.

As a brand, ensure that you have researched thoroughly about the influencer by visiting their profile and knowing their audience type. Your interests and values should align with that of the influencer for a healthy business relationship. Influencers expect that a brand should have quality products as the audiences trust them a lot. Let them create content in their own words. Don’t keep editing consistently wasting their time and efforts.

Influencers spend a lot of time creating a single post. There are numerous efforts behind the scenes such as retakes while shooting, unseen obstacles, investing in effective equipment, etc. to create a compelling post. The various accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc have different parameters to consider success based on likes, comments, shares, reach, impressions, etc. The Instagram algorithm is frequently changing which affects the success of content. Influencers want you to understand this strategy before considering the deliverables.

Influencers are talented individuals who have their story-telling styles. Their creativity is influenced by their intuition and hence, you must trust their talent. They know what people like and how to come up with a compelling message. Just wait with patience and see their audiences turning into your customers.

Long-Term Collaboration

What do influencers want besides freedom and respect? Influencers want long-term collaboration. And this is beneficial for both parties for innumerable reasons. Long-term collaboration allows the influencer to get to the crux of your business. They can feel the essence of your business if they get sufficient time to know about your company, its products, and the mission and vision of your brand. Once they become a team member of your marketing business, they can come up with brilliant ideas on content curation. The message can be conveyed naturally without sounding vigorous sales motive.

Once they know what is your vision, they can give quality work that can reach the target customers. Brand-building needs time and effort. Provide them adequate time to make your business marketing strategy a massive success. Long-term collaboration can help to build trust among the audiences as they can see that both parties have aligned values to share.  Seeing their favorite influencer bonding to a particular brand for a long duration strengthens their trust. This induces them to trust the brand as well.

Long-term collaboration with the best compensation to influencers will create a sustainable business relationship.  This will ensure that brand awareness is created in an effective manner that can boost the SEO results, thus enhancing your business.

Therefore, if you want to try influencer marketing as a growth strategy for your business, provide value to the influencers to add merit to your business with their story-telling skills.

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