It can become irritating for a user to launch the Instagram app hoping that you can begin scrolling and the platform will show you an error named checkpoint required. You might be thinking about why Instagram shows checkpoint required error on Instagram.

There is no particular answer to this question. If you want to get answered technically, you just need to read this post till the end as it will tell you the possible reasons why you might see this error on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms which has millions of users worldwide. It offers a lot of features to the users including the all-new story and reels. Initially, after this platform emerged, it didn’t offer these features but now with the advancement of technology and other reasons, a lot of new features are added to this platform. To know what can be the reasons for this error and other things, read ahead.

checkpoint required error on Instagram

What are the main reasons for this error?

Possibly, there can be a lot of reasons why you find this error on your Instagram account. The two main reasons for this error are mentioned below:

  • When you log in from a new location and not from which you usually log into your Instagram account.
  • When you log into any unauthenticated third-party software so Instagram will ask you to confirm Instagram information. Third-party Instagram tools are inclusive of ways to get more likes, comments, followers, and automation tools for automated comments, like, DM, etc.
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There are many other reasons too but these are the most important reasons why you may see this kind of error.

How to fix this error? 

If you see a checkpoint required error when logging into your Instagram account, you must complete the verification of the information shared on your Instagram account by making use of an accessibility code. You can even get the access code through a text on phone or even an email. It is dependent on the verification task you want to do.

For fixing this problem and use your Instagram account further, follow these steps:

Method 1 

  • Visit the Instagram login page on the Instagram website
  • Sign in to your account
  • After signing in, you will see a pop-up notification requesting you to confirm as an attempt to sign in to your account from anywhere else.
  • Confirming the identity if needed by tapping on it was me option.
  • Go back to the app, log in simply and enjoy.

Method 2 

If you still find this error after following these steps, then follow the ones mentioned below:

This method will require disabling your Instagram account for only a few hours to make it active again.

  • Sign in to your Instagram from a PC.
  • Tap on the profile button on your account.
  • Tap on the edit profile button.
  • Tap on the blue link that shows temporary disable my account towards the bottom of your page.
  • Tap on just need a break from the options and input your password, then tap on the temporarily disable the account.
  • Wait for a minimum of 3 hours and then sign in to your account by not seeing this error.
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If other issues are related to the same error, you can visit the official website of Instagram and share your queries. If you see this error, you must know that there can be multiple reasons why you see this error on your Instagram account. Some of these issues can be resolved but others cannot be resolved.

The main reason here is that your device won’t be recognized if you have used a new device that is not used before and another ISP that can also change the IP address. Instagram will have an assumption that someone tries to access your account from another device and the checkpoint required pop-up will be shown for the verification of your account.

checkpoint required error on Instagram

Instagram has the potential to track the device as well as the IP address you use to sign in to your account. When there is any unusual attempt to sign in to your account on Instagram, the user will see a checkpoint required error. The checkpoint required message is usually shown when you try to sign in to your account on Instagram and can also be seen when you have already signed it you will be logged out of your account and it will redirect you to the page of checkpoint required error.

This happens whenever Instagram can determine that you are using too much automation or many complaints regarding your content comments and posts. The checkpoint required error message will not be regarded as an error since Instagram tries to make your account secure from any kind of unauthorized accessibility.

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That’s all that you should know about checkpoint-required errors on InstagramAs mentioned in this post above, there can be many reasons for you to see this error, and to fix this error; you can use the methods which are discussed above. A checkpoint required error can be fixed at times but not always. There can be many instances when you are not able to fix this error and you might have to use a third-party application. You can also use a few third-party applications to buy Instagram likes.