how to make a reel on instagram

We all want to see a huge number of followers on our accounts and we can increase them. It has an effect on our account as the number of followers and likes decides the range of our posts.


If you are using Instagram you must have noticed reels. Reels are the best way to get famous, circulate information, to promote some works in this generation. Reels are now considered the most important or most viewed feature you can say in Instagram, that’s why many want to know how to make a reel on Instagram.  In short, we can say reels are short,  entertaining, informative videos, which can be performed by any age group without any restrictions. Instagram has introduced this reel feature recently and people all over the world are enjoying it. Through reel, you can connect with millions of people.

How to make a reel on Instagram

Gaming nowadays is becoming famous. If you want to become a famous influencer, you should post gaming videos.

Who can pertain to in making reels

There are no obstacles to making reels, people can make reels irrespective of their age, color, height mainly appearance you can say. You don’t have to be rich to make reels. You just have to be creative and joyful as people watch reels to entertain themselves, so it should be good to some extent.

Procedure to create reels

It’s very easy to make reels, you have to open your camera which is equipped on the uppermost left corner of the screen, then you have to select the reels option and you will be provided with several effects on the left side of your screen to make your reel look enduring.

explained the procedure to use editing equipment to make reels

  • Audio We all know that sound is the most important thing, it can provide life to everyone. You can choose any song of your choice or you can even record your voice and can make reels on that. If you have a public account then people can also watch your reels and can use your audio to make their reels.
  • Speed – You can manage the speed of your reel through this equipment. You can make slow-motion videos through this, it is used to slow down or speed up your reel to match the rhythm of the reel or to make it entertaining or horror.
  • Timer and countdown – This feature is important as you won’t need any helping hand to switch the reel on and off. You can adjust it according to yourself. You just have to set the timer to record any of your clips hand-free. So then whenever you touch the record button you will see a countdown of 3-2-1 or 5-4-3-2-1 (upon you) before the start of the reel. This will help you to adjust your position to make the reel.
  • AR effect – it is an imaginary filter, it will work through your camera and will convert the background to an imaginary thing.

These features help to make the reel eye-catching and interesting, many more features are there in the reel and keep on changing with the trend.

how to make a reel on instagram

If you dream of becoming an influencer, you can try vlogging. They are becoming more and more famous.

How to share your reels

You can share your reels In your feed, on your stories and even you can share to your contacts to make them happy.

Everyone wants to make their reels viral to become popular, but it’s not that easy to become popular on social media. You have to put efforts to make you viral like you have to choose trending songs to make reels so that your reels come in recommendations.

If you have a private account only your followers will be able to see your reels, only they will be able to comment and like your reel, whereas if you have a public account everyone can see your content, and your reel will be shared to a high extent.

Importance of reels in day-to-day life

Many people create useful reels about their studies, exams, and news information, so these kinds of reels help people to get a clear idea. It furthermore helps to balance mental health by reducing the stress of work, deadlines, etc.

How to create reels as money-oriented

If you want to make money, you have to become popular.  You can become popular if either people start liking you or your content. If they like your content, views will start coming on your reels automatically. Then your reel’s recommendation will go to other people’s accounts,  and this will make you popular. If you become popular, Instagram will start giving you money per reel post and you will be provided with gifts by them.


This is a platform where you can make short entertaining, inspirational, motivational videos to entertain and inspire people. As reels are very popular people are bringing their small businesses to Instagram and advertising through reels. Reels are made by clicking in the left uppermost portion where the story option is allocated, where you have selected the reel option. You are provided with many effects and accessories to give rise to a fantastic reel so that you can become popular on social media.

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